Hey everyone!
Sorry for the delay, my computer was out of order for the last week or so, that’s why I’m just getting this video up now.
As a disclaimer, I’m not bashing all MD’s or Weight loss medication, at all, just sharing with you some suggestions my GP recommended to me which I really didn’t agree with and I’ll tell you why!
Keep your eye out for my 6 month weigh in, coming soon!

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31 Replies to “Full Day of Eating Keto | Disappointing Doctors Appointment”

  1. I think you definitely need to look for another doctor. Although there are many of them out there with huge ego and no real interest in helping you be healthy. Also – the shepherd's pie looked so yummy!

  2. Yes, please find a new GP!!! I hate how they want to take the easy way out and give you meds… You are doing great, but def find a new doctor!! Have a great day hun.

  3. yep time for a new Dr!! I was desperate to lose weight before I started Keto and my Endocrinologist REFUSED to give me meds for weight loss. She said it isn't worth the side effects and danger and that the weight loss that came with meds was short term. Also I weighed 240lbs so I'm significantly overweight! She actually suggested Keto for weight loss and so I could come off blood sugar meds because you shouldn't be swallowing meds unless you have to have them!

  4. I CANT STAND doctors that pull that crap! Years ago I went to the dr because of anxiety, without asking he pushed phentermine on me… basically legal speed. Complete disregard for my health. I left with ambien, Xanax, and phentermine (high dose) wtf!? I'm still on the hunt for a good Dr.
    Great video girl ❤️

  5. No. He needs to go. We have enough industries trying to make money off of our insecurities. I was prepping my lunch watching you (Thank you for your videos, btw.) and I got really irritated when I heard you speak about your visit. I can't believe he tried to make you feel like you were doing wrong with all your success and try to put you on pills, when this diet is clearly working for you! Omg! Can't wait for you to post about your the new doctor you find. You do not need that kind of negativity in your life!

  6. This is what Doctors do, they push the meds which make them and the pharm companies rich, while they start up side symptoms in your body, so then you need another pill. Keep doing what you are doing, you look great !

  7. i had a doctor give me weight loss pills, then turn around and give me high blood pressure meds to combat the effects of the diet pills… hmm no! we have to take our lives into our own hands its our bodies and our health, doctors are advisors at best! you've come this far and you can continue to thrive on your own, yeah your weight loss will slow down the closer you get to your goal weight then you'll be in maintenance phase but your overall health is the main concern! you are healthy now without pills and will continue to be so! stay blessed!

  8. Time for a new DR! I've had 2 Doctors and my OBGYN tell me low carb and support this way of living. I know we live in the same town so I can recommend them if you like ☺️

  9. So frustrating! This is such a big problem with health care right now. Unfortunately, I trust my own research far more than most GPs I've met…Good for you for advocating for your health!

  10. If you are feeling well and your blood results are normal then keep doing what you are doing. The doctor probably speaks from his experience that people momentarily get on a diet and do lose weight but sometimes gain it all back. He could have at least gone into more detail about why he thinks your weight loss isn't sustainable and then given you the benefit of the doubt. I used to go to an excellent endocrinologist who was very supportive about doing whatever it takes to have you feeling and being healthier and was very knowledgeable about paleo and keto diets. I would find a new doctor if your current one doesn't make you feel comfortable.

  11. Sounds like it's time for a new doctor. My doctor kind of implied that I probably couldn't do this forever, but I really think that more came from a point of always seeing people trying to "diet" rather than making lifestyle changes. He was supportive though. I look forward to going back at the one year mark and showing him that it is sustainable. Hopefully, it'll be something he tells his other patients about.

  12. Once I was diagnosed as diabetic, I started keto. At my next doctor's appt., he was really impressed with my weight loss as well as my blood work and asked me what I did. He said it was not good to lower carbs like that and referred me to a dietitian. When they called, I didn't return their call. I don't need someone to tell me that I am doing it all wrong when in fact, everything shows I am doing it right. If I ate more carbs, my glucose would go up and I would need to use drugs to keep it down. It is just a vicious circle to keep you on meds.

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