Traveling can present challenges to staying on plan. In this video I share what I bring with me when I travel. Safe travels!

In the video, I mention two cereal recipes that I’ve made for travel. The recipes are by Maria Emmerich. You can find them here:


20 Replies to “Hit the Road with Keto: Planning to Stay on Plan”

  1. If I holiday somewhere just a few hours drive away it's easy. I take frozen homemade items. I find it does not defrost during a three hour drive if I wrap it in newspaper then in a strong plastic box.. UK summertime is not as hot as some countries. Love your videos.

  2. I have found all of your videos to be great!!! I am just now trying to change my lifestyle to a Keto lifestyle, I am diabetic and really need to change the way I eat and of course I need to lose tons of weight. Thank you for your videos they are very encouraging and I enjoy watching your videos. :)

  3. I love eating at Luby's cafeteria.  I am concerned that the meat patties might have msg because they are so flavorful, maybe even sugar.  I also wonder if their plain spinach and cooked cabbage might have sugar added, so many people add a little sugar in everything to bring out the flavors.   I also go to a Mongolian barbeque place where they cook the veggies and meat you chose on a big hot stone, add water for steaming it.  I am concerned about what sugars it might pick up from others sauce choices previously cooked on the stone.  I have asked if they have information on sugars in their dishes in the self serve ready area and they basically do not.  Diabetes has been around for a long time, I am surprised they do not have nutritional information for their dishes.  I am very leery of natural or artificial smoke flavor, what are your thoughts.  I don't even know what "natural smoke flavor" would consist of in an ingredient list.

  4. You mention that these items are ok for carry on or checked luggage for flying.  Do you have any information on traveling with these things flying internationally, such as from US to Europe (Ireland)?

  5. Hi there Kristy, I would like the link for the biscuits you made and froze.
    THANKS in advance and thanks for sharing your family's journey….I have Lupus and find this way to be the best way so far.

  6. My dog thinks everone is out to get me! I was wondering if your children eat this way, I just finally let my daughter have Sweet Leaf Stevia Drops. Is it safe for her to eat this way? She is 13, but not fat.

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