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24 Replies to “How to Make Fatty Coffee with Butter and MCT Oil – Ketogenic Fasting – Bulletproof Coffee”

  1. thanks for this! I-ve been drinking mine with coconut milk and coconut oil …what do you think about coconut milk? Haven-t heard much about it in the keto world…

  2. Hi Abel, I would love to know how long it took you get become fat-adapted? I was two weeks in and couldn't cope anymore, my mind was lethargic and I felt spaced out all the time, as if on anti-depressants even. But I also have Aspergers, maybe it affects those with Autism in a different way to neuro-typicals like yourself? I would like   to get fat-adapted but am a bit worried, especially as I was putting on more fat around my waist, and my weight had increased too. Do you know of any issues with those on the autistic spectrum and the keto diet? Many thanks.

  3. Sounds yummy Abel, my favorite morning drink is a coconut tea. I take about a quart of DISTILLED WATER, (always!) add 3-4 tablespoons of organic COCONUT OIL which is about 50 grams of good MCT fat, then a dash of STEVIA and some CINNAMON which has some descent nutrition value. For a dessert I  love organic  HEAVY CREAM, plus FROZEN BERRIES (Trader Joes) plus STEVIA plus COCONUT OIL maybe CINNAMON for a yummy cold dessert. Eat and drink slowly for easy digestion, controlled carb absorption and morning hydration. Enjoy……

  4. BULLET+PROOF+COFFEE= Virgin coconut oil & Grass-Fed butter.  I recently found a better option at CostCo which is basically the same maybe better?  MELT Organic Butter 2.0= virgin coconut oil, grass-fed butter, NON-GMO, vegan, trans-free, Soy-free, Sea-Salt.

  5. The caffeine actually opens up dopamine receptors, which lets the effects of the oils hit you harder and faster. My brain is on crack when I have an MCT oil and caffeine

  6. If the caffeine in the coffee significant for any reason? I'm trying to keep caffeine low because I'm working through some adrenal stuff, but I like the idea of a ketogenic breakfast. I would like to try this with decaf coffee assuming the coffee is just a tasty vector for the fats.

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