This video is about Keto Day 7 + Eating at a Diner and Mini Grocery Haul

Weight Loss Video Diary – Follow me on my full day of eating (FDOE).

Total weight loss over all: 99.4lbs

Keto Day 5&6
Weigh-in: 205.6
Daily Loss: -0
Food logged in myfitnesspal

I’m recording these videos to help keep me accountable and maybe help others.

Where I purchase HCG:
and Medical Supplies:

Between HCG rounds, I follow the Keto diet for stabilization, Low Carb High Fat. (20g carbs per day, try for no more than 4oz cheese) Tons of great info out there on youtube.

The bulk meat I buy is from Zaycon Fresh:

Most everything else you see exists somewhere on Amazon but if you want specifics, feel free to ask. Thanks for watching!

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The copyright free music in this video was found on CFM:

Song Name: ohyeah
Artist: thunder6

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