I came up with an awesome Keto Hot Chocolate that you have to try!

Here’s the recipe
Heavy cream
Coconut Oil
Keto Pro from HowMuchYaBench.Net
1 table spoon of no sugar added pure Cocoa


16 Replies to “Keto Hot Cocoa”

  1. Marks gym is for sure one of the strongest gyms around but its also the gayest. When i trained there a few years ago it was all sexual innuendo and bare ass towel whipping in the changing rooms as you can imagine. They had a hidden camera in the showers to see who's packing the biggest hog and pubic hair is 100% banned. Its the only gym i've ever been where Mark insists on administering buttock injections himself in his office to all members. Sure i gained 50 pounds on my bench press but i'm still suffering from the sexual abuse to this day.

  2. Lmao no hate but why is keto pro a product? 50$ for 20 serving thats barely 1 month if you use it regularly, and also when you are on a keto diet you consume more than enough protons from diary and meat.

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