Dr. Runyan is a physician in private practice in St. Petersburg, Florida, who specializes in internal medicine, nephrology, and obesity medicine. He practised emergency medicine for ten years before starting his private practice in 2001. In 1998, he developed type 1 diabetes at the age of thirty-eight. Although, his diabetes was fairly well controlled with intensive insulin therapy, he was plagued with frequent hypoglycemic episodes. In 2011, while training for an Ironman-distance triathlon, Dr. Runyan was looking for a better way to treat his diabetes and perform endurance exercise, and he decided to give the low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet a try. In February 2012, he began the diet for the treatment of is diabetes and learned that this diet was also effective for the treatment of numerous other conditions, including obesity. He added obesity medicine to his practice and became board-certified in obesity medicine in December 2012. Dr. Runyan completed an Ironman-distance triathlon on October 20, 2012, in a state of nutritional ketosis and feeling great.
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10 Replies to “Low Carb For Type 1 Diabetes with Dr. Keith Runyan MD”

  1. This interview was so helpful! I've been doing keto for 4 months with great success for my type 2 diabetes. I wanted to recommend it for someone who is type 1, but I've heard some random comments here and there about it not being okay for type 1s. No one ever explained why that would be, so I kept looking for answers. Dr. Runyan answered all of my questions. It's excellent for Type 1s, as long as they fully understand they have to stay on top of their insulin injections. Excellent news! Much gratitude!!´╗┐

  2. Thank you, Dr. Runyan. I love hearing your story and have found similar success following keto diet for the past 11 months. I'm Type 1 and I'm inspired how you have made exercise a constant too.´╗┐

  3. Type 1 diabetic here. Ketogenic diet has worked fantastically well for me (actually ketogenic paleo, but same basis). Was overweight and the pounds have dropped off without getting weak.´╗┐

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