Today, we are going to take a “pit stop” and talk about a rather interesting topic! Don’t turn the other direction, you are going to love it.

At one time or another, we have all experienced BO – that pesky, unwelcomed culprit to short-lived dates and yellow stains in your white t-shirts!

It turns out, body odor isn’t something that you just have to live with or cover up- there are lifestyle changes you can make to significantly decrease BO! Body odor can be a sign of a poor diet. If you eat a lot of processed foods and animal products, they can build up in your gut and cause unpleasant odor in your sweat.

When you clean up your diet you will notice less and less body odor.

There are also some habits that can get rid of stink. One of those habits is DETOXING your ARMPITS.

Have you heard of an armpit detox before? It’s amazing and so simple!

Check out the blog for all the details:

Simple Body Odor Hack: Armpit Detox – Saturday Strategy

Can This One Weird DIY Make Your Body Odor Go Away? I Tried It To Find Out

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23 Replies to “Natural deodorant recipes for women and men”

  1. My daughter is 8 going for 9 now. She's a little hairy than the average 8 year old, she sweats and her armpits smell. I don't want her confidence to be killed because of comments about her pits. I am certainly going to try this with my husband too. Also I want to change our diet and juice our fruits and veggie but we don't have it. Guess we will steam our veggies and have fruit salads.

  2. Wow! I juicer everyweek. That will help me. My mom used to have a juicer but it stopped working. Im trying to save up for one but its been a little difficult. I used to use my juicer for my allergies instead of taking allergy pills, I get rashes all over my body. I would make a green juice every morning before work. Mean green juice that I found in the movie fat, sick, and nearly dead. This guy has chronic hives like I do. The juices helped within a week. A juicer would help me and will replace the pills.

  3. One of the additives in commercial deodorants is aluminum (as mentioned)… and under the arms is actually one of the best ways to DETOX from the aluminum thats already in your body… aluminum has been seriously linked to Alzheimers… which is a serious oncoming epidemic… If we don't make changes to prevent it.

    I just use water mixed with mineral salts, and it works well… but I've recently heard some outstanding thing about rosemary. So I'm going to give this a try a try. Thanks Drew :)

  4. Great video! I will try this weekend. Thank you for following your passion. One day from the juicer that I will win from you.. I will build energy and detox my liver from your juicing videos.

  5. Great Video.  Very important TRUE info on deodorant,  There are So many poisons in them.  I am definitely going to do this detox.  Thank you for the opportunity to win the juicer.

  6. BE CAREFUL with essential oils, they are really powerful tools. They are more than just a natural good smelling product. Some of them can be harmful if used daily like for a déodorant… Do your research Peace

  7. I did not know you could detox your armpits! I knew automatically why it would be important. I'm so glad you share these kinda videos Bc even if it's one enlightened person, like myself, we go share with everyone why we've learned and before you know it, groups of people's lives change. AWESOME and thank you!

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