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Hannah had an extremely successful career in the City for 17 years as a corporate Lawyer, where her relentless pursuit of the truth saved her clients staggering amounts of money. Hannah’s switch to nutrition was fuelled by this passion for integrity of argument and proposition. She watched two fat men getting thin in a way that was simply incompatible with commonly accepted ‘expert’ dietary advice, and was compelled to apply her formidable forensic skills to discovering why.Hannah now runs Natural Ketosis & Natural Sports Food, a realistic, sustainable and healthy meal delivery service.

As well as owning Natural Ketosis & Natural Sports Food Hannah is an author as well with Big Fat Lies: Is Your Government Making You Fat? From the calorie counting and exercise myths to the starch, ketosis and BMI frauds, this work aims to expose lies, misinformation and distortion in the basic health guidelines promoted by the government, the NHS, the Food Standards Agency and other numerous ‘expert’ authorities.

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3 Replies to “Natural Ketosis with Hannah Sutter”

  1. Description of ketoacidosis was wrong. It's caused by lack of insulin which causes release of ketones and HIGH blood sugar, which leads to dehydration which increases the concentration of acidic ketones in the blood up to the levels where bicarbonate buffering can't keep up with it. So it primarily affects type 1 diabetics who produce zero insulin, or type 2 who lost nearly all beta cell activity. In a normal human with a functioning pancreas ketones trigger insulin response which slows down ketone production. It's a self-regulating system with a feedback mechanism.

    But even type 1 diabetics will benefit greatly from ketogenic diet and make their condition much more manageable. For more on keto diet for diabetics (of both types) read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution.

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