Visit ( to purchase himalayan Salt stones for Sole. In this video, Karen Atkins shares the Benefits of Using Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole (a Salt water brine) for detoxification, disease prevention, healthy skin, healthy digestion and overall well-being. She also demonstrates how to make sole using Himalyan Pink salt. For more information about Karen Atkins visit


32 Replies to “Sole: My Replacement for Morning Coffee”

  1. Hello, Karen!
    Thank you for your excellent video!
    I would like to know if I can take Sole while taking magnesium chloride salt solution too.
    I dissolve 33g of pure magnesium chloride salt in 1 liter of spring water, and I drink a 50ml dose once a day after a meal.
    Should I stop with this while taking Sole or can I take both?

  2. I noticed that you used spoon larger than a teaspoon. Is that okay? because I have been using the spoon for weeks of taking sole water. Before I used teaspoon, now, I am using the same spoon as yours. The reason for my bigger spoon for sole is that I can catch up to the years I lack minerals in my body. Do you have reason why you use a bit large spoon that what is really recommended – teaspoon?

  3. Two questions for you: Do you leave the water solution on the counter or can it be put into the refrigerator? Also, other videos say that when the water gets low to take out the salt crystals, rinse them and the jar they were in, put them back into the jar and add more fresh water. Which is the right method? Yours where you just keep adding more salt rocks and water when needed or to occasionally rinse the salt rocks and jar and then put them back in with more water? Thank you.

  4. Hello Karen.
    You've inspired me. However, I have a concern about what water to use. You suggest using an artisan or spring water in the mixture. My concern is that both waters already contain minerals. If the sole is producing minerals and the water contains minerals, is this more harmful than beneficial? Thank you.

  5. Hi, I have prepared my Sole 2 days ago and I really felt something changed in my body, I feel more energized and have less pain on my foot. I would like to clarify if we really have to rinse the Himalayan salt rocks before putting water again, I've seen this in another video, she said we have to rinse the the rock salt before putting water for the second time. Is this true? thank you for your prompt reply. God Bless and Good luck…

  6. What is the residue that remains unsolved ? Even hot water do not dissolve that final residue… Do you know what is that ? We are paying for something that it is not salt ! Could be just sand ?

  7. Karen, I take thyroid medication every morning on empty stomach. Should I take this after or before? And how long after or before? Also, will it mess up iodine levels? Thanks.

  8. I had my first experiencie doing it this morning 2am.. I'm a truck driver and been investigating long time ago in this kind of things relating with health benefits.
    So this was my experience.. woke up at 2am took a spoon with the sole water and started drving 30min after.. at first i started feeling like i do really need to stop and get my coffe.. but after a while maybe 45min later.. started to feel like energetic and different my vision felt diferent like my pupils where dilatated and my vision improved.. i don use glasses and i have 15/20 vision.. the energy rush last for about 2hrs.. but at the end i took a break to grab breakfast and coffee and keep driving for 4 more hrs…

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