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In this video you’ll learn about the best macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats and carbs) to promote a lean and chiseled physique. To support optimal hormonal levels, training, sleep, performance and mood.

Oh and big news, I just launched Kino Chef! My brand new cook book based around meals that are simple, filling and downright delicious.

Each recipe is based around these optimal ratios. Optimal protein and balanced fats and carbs to best support a great physique and so forth.

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48 Replies to “The Best Macro Ratio’s for a Lean & Muscular Physique”

  1. The body generally doesn't absorb more than 30-35 grams of protein in one sitting, plus it's hard on your gut and digestion process. I'd split up your proteins to divide up throughout the day.

  2. Hey dude, came across your video and personally not a HUGE fan of intermittent fasting. However, i've recently been doing a course for sports nutrition and was very concerned when learning about the amount of protein needed even when training. I even questioned it as all everywhere you see is 'High protein this' and 'high protein that'. It appears that my protein is WAY to high and carbs are not high enough.

    Anyway, after listening to the effect from lower carbs i can 100% say I've experienced some of them so thank you for the educational video. I've spent over £500 on 'nutrition plans' from people who appear to be 'online coaches'. It's nice to see someone giving real advice for a change. Carbs are NOT bad! :)

  3. Can anyone help me out here? Ik on the old warrior shredding program the breakdown was 40 protein 30 c 30 f. And on his blog on warrior nutrition it still says 1-1.25 g of p per body weight. But he said in a video about a year ago he changed it, is this it? 40 c, 30 p 30 f?

  4. I think the research would suggest more like .82 grams per pound of LEAN BODY MASS. If you can get same results with lower protein intake by all means but I definitely think for most ppl this wouldn't be the case. Also if your slamming back almost all your protein intake in one sitting over the long term I'd say that could lead to some serious digestive issues. Just curious, how are you measuring your bf%? And you mention all these upper body PRs but I'm curious to know what's going on with the lower body lifts? Those are most definitely the prime movers.

  5. what types of fat do you need, is kino referring to unsaturated or saturated fats. I heard that saturated fats are very important for testosterone production.

  6. Hey Greg, so when you were talking about amount of grams of protein per pound of the person you said it should be about .82 grams per pound. I was wondering what it would be for carbs and fats too. If there is an answer and you see this by any chance, I would greatly appreciate a response, Thanks.

  7. Hey man, you have a great channel, your videos have been very useful, I would like to ask you, since you said here that once you ate nearly all of your daily protein in one meal, I've heard that your body can process just 30 grams per meal so Im confused with that, because when I eat more than that I think that my body is just getting 30 grams. Is that a myth? Or what do you think. Thank you very much man

  8. Goddamned these 30+ wankers whining about their metabolism and that they could do this or that when they were young, shut the fuck up! You know NOTHING about exercise or nutrition, nothing about physiology, nothing. You only know you were a pig back then and a pig now, only a fatter pig because you probably move less and eat like shit. That's on YOU and YOU alone. Be smart, educate yourself and don't fucking come with that shit of an excuse called age. Age is not your problem, having NO background in any of this is your problem. If you actually knew what to do, when to do it, what to eat, how to train and knew a bit about hormones and how to manage them (both natural and enchanced), you wouldn't need to come wank on a 24 year olds video about this shit in the first place. There are plenty KNOWLEDGEABLE 40-50+ years old men and women who CAN do it, stop fooling yourself with excuses and change your life!

  9. hi is it still ok to drink coffee in the evening it doesnt bother my sleep i have three kids so up all night most days anyway. so if am fasting is it ok to to have black coffee in the evening thanks

  10. Hey Greg, im working on cutting some fat… Ive set a calorie deficit and ive met my protein needs for most days. I try to get 1g per lb of weight. Do you think i can fill the rest of my calories with other foods such as chocolate and nachos as long as im under my calorie deficit for the day? Thanks man, appreciate if you could reply

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