Are you tired of eating too much fats and no carbs at all? Are you not sure you want to stick to the Ketogenic Diet because you missed your old foods? No worries, the Keto Potato is here! Ha ha… I hope you guys enjoy the video. Not all potatoes are prepared the same way. Instead of frying your potatoes, try boiling them and eating them the Keto way! Sending you all a lot of love and enjoy root vegetables prepared the right way! Enjoy in good health, long life and wellbeing. Much love!



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31 Replies to “The Keto Potato! Not-so-cheat meal :-)”

  1. Hey terra I wanted your opinion on something , I've been following keto for 3 months and I had some carbs one day and have been so ill for the past two days, almost hungover and so drained and fluish. I don't know if this is because of the carbs or if I am sick. I had no fever or any other signs but man it feels like death is happening. Any idea why?

  2. Water is precious, don't waste the water running it for such a long time, please, find another way to use water to cool the potatoes, perhaps put in a bowl of ice water to save the water. I'm very conscious of wasted water, as I've hauled water when the well goes dry. Not a pleasant experience. I'm on the potato diet, very happy, as the potato is so filling. Appreciate the information, I'll slice the potatoes thinner and use the cold water method.  Summer time, time for potato salad *dressing without the oils.  Thanks

  3. this makes sense. the boiling water draws out the starch from the thin slice potato , thin slice creates more open areas for the starch to be released. where did you find this technique ?

  4. I have experienced great results with adding potatoes back to my keto diet. The way I do it is this… Same as you, I boil them and add butter.. I eat them 40-ish minutes BEFORE strenuous exercise on days when I feel like I might be sluggish when lifting heavy. It happens about twice a month. That way my body uses the glucose for exercise only. It allows me to have carb-loaded workout effect without ruining ketosis.

  5. I've never heard of Starch Resistant foods; read about it but still don't understand it. Are you saying if we cut the potatoes/boil/rinse like you showed, we then have to chill them in the fridge before eating to get the benefits? Would potato salad be one of the better options for potatoes….besides it tasting good?

  6. Your the only one I can resonate with on keto I listened to Stephane and she just cuts out everything impossible for me to feel good on that kind of diet eating same thing day in and out thanks for your isparation much love x 

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