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31 Replies to “Which is the best diet? Paleo vs The Rest”

  1. Hello there, have you considered this diet plan called the Fenoboci Diet
    Plan? My friend says it helps people lost lots of weight. Is that
    possible? I also noticed a lot of excellent review about this diet plan.

  2. Hmm, no Paleo diet mentioned in this talk. Paleo is local, organic and seasonal produce, pastured meats, free range poultry and eggs, wild fish and some nuts and seeds. No processed foods, no transfats, no legumes, no gluten, no sugar, soda or synthetic sweeteners and for some no dairy, . Paleo has a wide variance when it comes to macros (Carb, Fats and Protein Ratios) depending on a person's food preference, although it tends to be higher in fat and lower in carbs than the recommended standard American diet.

  3. Your Which is the best diet? Paleo vs the Rest was vastly misleading. And the rest of the presentation was too complicated. I clicked to learn something about the Paleo diet. What a disappointment

  4. How about animal protein driving IGF1 and thus increasing your chances of cancer? Aren't you guys worried about this? What amount of meat or animal protein is safe with respect to IGF1 levels? And how about raw meat? Do the studies include raw meat?

  5. Well I think the man is right about insulin resistant people, was on the starch diet for 14 months, I am type 2 diabetic. I lost 10 kilos, but for last three months, everything stopped. had a blood test my glucose was 7.7 and my cholesterol was 6.5 too high!, so have switched to paleo, and my blood sugar is now 5.0. And my blood pressure has dropped significantly to stop the pills. and I have only been on the diet 10 days.Diabetis gives you high cholesterol, so I am hoping that this diet will stop diabetis in its tracks, therefore lowering cholesterol, which will dffset the extra fat I am consuming.

  6. Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from diet plan to other as well i do believe that i need to have tested every single fat reduction method that was available but eventually not one of them made it easier for me to reduce and maintain the weight of i ended up trying for the very last time with the Fenoboci Diet Plan mainly because my body who told me great things about it and so far to date i have effectively lost 16 pounds within 3 weeks

  7. This talk seems like it's from 1950 or something, and Chris Gardener just came out of a cave and never heard of Neal Barnard, Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, et al.. Well I guess at about 1:45 he explains why he's so behind. What else is interesting here?
    $2 million for this totally pathetic study????????????? TWO MILLION DOLLARS!
    30% of calories from FAT is A LOWFAT DIET???
    This is outrageous and ridiculous…
    Yeah, let's do a study…. what are you "studying" — "oh, I don't know… doesn't matter anyway"

    GOOD ON YA Chris Gardener! Way to pull off a "study".

  8. Weight loss weight loss weight loss… zzz Can someone PLEASE talk about HEALTH and PERFORMANCE?! 😀 Also theyre not talking at all about WHAT the people where actually eating… carb fat protein doesnt mean much unless you know from what sources… :)

  9. Paleo is a short term fix for long term health problems… You may lose weight on paleo/Atkins but it will not prevent Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer, or a stroke. It will actually increase your risk by 70%….

    Atkins himself had a heart attack while ice skating says the real autopsy report. and its funny that the NEW Atkins diet is more based around plant based go figure…

  10. We should be following the diet which is scientifically proven to be healthy, not the one our ancestors used to eat. Paleo is just another attempt by meat industry to fool people.

  11. This study is not good: the participants did what they understood the diet should be, not fully follow it.
    For example, Ornish participants are 23-26% calories from fat where it is supposed to be 10%. Also, on a diet that is supposed to be high in fruits and vegetable whole foods, the participants only had 19g of fiber a day – so they were pretty much eating processed foods.
    The atkins diet was not followed fully or close to fully as well.

  12. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 1992. At that time, I was told I could not eat a lot of things because my body cannot break them down; no fiber, no roughage, no nuts or seeds, nothing popped, etc… I cannot have dairy because I am lactose intolerant. The list of food my body could handle was very short and consisted of mostly protein and white carbs; white rice, white bread, no brown rices, no wheat or grains. I have been on this diet for a very long time. I was just told in June 2015 that I now also have NASH. I am also morbidly obese. Because the cost of meat being so high, I tend to eat more carbs than protein. I am desperately trying to learn how to live a healthier life. I have been unable to find a dietitian that has the knowledge of all of my health issues that could help me find what would help me more than hurt me. The diets for Crohn's and NASH are contradicting. I also have a lot of other health problems to consider, such as gallstones, diverticulosis, severe vitamin deficiency and malnutrition caused by the malabsorption from Crohn's. These problems lead to more health issues, such as severe anemia, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and so on. I am going to attempt to add cooked vegetables to my plate and see what happens.

  13. Yea, there's no doubt people underestimate (lie) about their daily calorie intake. When I was eating whenever I wanted, I was easily consuming 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day and I didn't even snack on chocolates and ice cream. This is like the dating sites where people underestimate their weights and overestimate their heights to look good.

  14. Lol @ 52:00 Gardner mulling over in his mind that, maybe, just maybe, getting rid of the grains altogether (even unrefined) might work best for people who are particularly insulin resistant. If Taubes watched this video he would be smugly smiling and thinking "I told you so."

  15. Hello People i found this very intresting first i like to say i am a runner i have been for many years !8 plus 7 before that swimming and gym i was smoker i started to exercice to gave up smoking it was hard i did it plus was on the weed to that was another reson i took up running, i like to shear my hard work and diet which still not working but still trying, no sugar is no 1 no fizzy drinks no 2 no take aways no 3 lots of water, when i say water 8 litters to 10 a day i do go souna i have to say i am 50 years old, i get nusty looks from people and the police because i run and stand out and i am very misadistood but you have to have cararage in this world as people will knock you down all the time but have to keep fighting to live life. i but fruit by the boxes what ever is in seeson at the time i eat heathy organic when i can afford it thats not very often but it helps no bread but sometimes but the trick is not to eat it and go for fruit because it makes you eat more no tv works no films work you eat because one goes with the other! salads are good but they warsh  them with bleach beet surloin only salmon a vitamin pill eveyrday day i also belive when you sweet it takes a lot out of you so sufer a lot with SAD AND DEEPRETION BUT RUNNING HELPS but but only to comeback with hangovers in the morning and fog in my head takes me hours to wake up after few shrong coffees i find vitamin 12 will help me but not try yet as bought some the other day gaveing up coffee will help to lol i know but i vitamin 12 will clear my head flaverings are a no no plain yurgurt not fruite to much shit in them i can go on and will i have picked up a lot over the years but its constant battle to keep the fat off never gave up keep execising to what you love help the human race as it,s all for profit at are expence supper markets dont help with there offers on biskiets and milk chocolate  go for the dark cholcolate with nuts no oily nuts raw kind anything that come s from the ground avoid man maid things there there to make you fat america got a big promlem with there big portion sizes and there intake of beef and you wander why you fat dont go to this places you will die before your 50 god help you all as your goverments are not helping your kids with all that rubbich there feeing your kids in shcool something  needs to be down Jamie oliver has try to help but thiis big companies have the upper hand becouse they gave money to your goverments  and there killing you off get read of them, you have a say fight them stop buying there grap life hard as it is to have are sistems are bodys full of crap no one cares its up to you to move your bodys energy makes energy dont sit around i know were negative and we dont belive in are selfs but please do as only a state of mind, oh yes no Pizza healthy all the was plus i work out more then two hours a day i have for years i love to eat we all do but you have to pay for what you put in go for high carbs from fruit and veg no oles only from the nuts avacatoes salmon fish chinking eggs organic dont forget you dont get full with food you need water lots of it free rest and some aging the next day no drinking well that life.. you went born drinking and smoking you were tit feed lol.

  16. the paleo diet is not founded on any scientific proof. Actually the paleo era was a huge era and there is lots of evidence that they ate grains. Look at the people on this diet. They are all fat and balled.

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