Stanford University scientist Lucia Aronica, PhD, goes into details about how different diets—especially low-carb—affect our DNA structure (aka epigenome).

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You might recall that your epigenome is the modifiable “scaffolding” that regulates your genes. (A tweak in the epigenome can either activate or silence your genes.)

-Genes, obesity and environment
-Key ways our epigenome is modified
-How to eat “epigenetically favorable” foods
-Why Dads are not off the hook for prenatal care: the paternal influence of gene structure
-How the ketogenic diet changes gene structure


28 Replies to “Low Carb, Ketogenic Diets & Genetic Expression w/ Lucia Aronica, PhD”

  1. The show notes at the link above were really helpful. I'm have the MTHFR so was interested in the dialog on 23 and me but I didn't learn absorb any action items.

  2. "… followed for 1 year"
    All meat eating research are short term research (typically 3months to 3 year)
    Whilst plant based research/studies are long term (over 5-20 years)

    It's this simple >>> Go and find the best ORGANIC, GRASS FED, FREE RANGE, ANTIBIOTIC FREE, HORMONE FREE MEAT you can find. Go and take it to a laboratory and test it for the heavy metal, chemical toxin, bacterial/viral, contaminants.
    You will be shocked on how contaminated it is…. End of story.

  3. This deserved more subscribers. Love how educated these videos are supported by valid researches, doctors & scientist. All these give me more reasons to continue my lchf as a lifestyle rather than a diet. From Malaysia.

  4. very good discussion.   helped clarify some often heard terms that up till now I had only a very crude  understanding of  – HDAC, chromatin, acetyl group vs methyl group, etc.

  5. Amazing interview! Such a milestone for preventive medicine… the best medicine in the world some say. I love how it is explained in a simple way with metaphors and studies… Ohh the social injustice with the worker bees not getting a bit of royal jelly!… how interesting that study on how mere diet defines the fate of the bee :)

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