Recent studies have shown that a diet rich in protein can promote quick weight loss. By consuming more protein we in return consume fewer carbohydrates. In a typical diet 10 to 15 % of daily calories come from protein. In a high protein diet, an astonishing 30 to 50 % of daily calories come from protein. So how exactly does the protein diet work and what are some of the foods we should be consuming?

As far as quick weight loss is concerned, there is no faster way to attain your goals than by curbing your appetite and improving your metabolism. By consuming protein we can easily reduce our hunger and improve our metabolic rate. When we eat more protein we in return eat less carbohydrates and when carbohydrates are restricted from our diets, our bodies begin to burn our excess fat for fuel. This particular bodily function is referred to as Ketosis. Basically, during Ketosis we burn our excess stored fat. So what should we be consuming in order to eat less carbs and increase our protein intake?

There are certain foods which pack quite the protein punch. The most affordable of these foods are eggs. Eggs are extremely easy to prepare and rich in protein. However, you should limit your egg intake if you have problems with your cholesterol levels. Another food which is rich in protein is soy. Soy not only provides our bodies with healthy protein but it also lowers our cholesterol and protects our bodies from heart disease. Fish is a well known protein source as well as an excellent source of Omega 3 fats. Chicken and poultry is yet another healthy source of lean protein. Other meats to consider include pork tenderloin and lean steak. These are just a few foods which provide the body with weight loss protein.


Source by Lyla Feldman

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