Ketosis is the state whereby the body utilizes fat and turns it into energy, and this is the principle of the Medifast diet. The Medifast Diet causes the body to produce ketones that help the overweight individual turn the fat in the body into a resourceful mechanism for weight loss.

The diet consists of many smaller food portions taken as meals, and these meals consist mostly of protein rather than carbohydrates. It is in this way that the body reverts to a state of ketosis so that the fat stores are burned efficiently and effectively causing the dieter to lose weight.

There are three phases to this diet. The first is called the 5 and 1. It is in this stage of the diet in which the individual reaches his or her desired weight. During this phase, it is necessary to eat only the foods that are supplied by Medifast. The second stage is called transition. During this part of the program, the dieter starts to introduce foods that are not solely a part of the first stage of the plan, but some foods the dieter would normally eat. The third and final phase is a lifelong stage where the dieter maintains a healthy plan that includes an intake of calories that will not exceed the energy the person burns in a day.

Since the Medifast plan emphasizes the importance of support, the dieter is never alone during any phase of the program. There are online groups in which one can become involved to keep the dieter motivated and to give incentive to continue during times when one might want to revert to unhealthy eating habits.


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