The Ketogenic Diet Part 2 – How you should plan for a Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet Webinar – A Complete Guide for a Total Body Makeover from the Inside Out In this webinar, Veronica Yoo will cover; ‘How you should plan for a Ketogenic Diet.’ – How to measure Ketosis – What is a Keto adapted – Macronutrients – Types of food to […]

Keto Diet Before and After (What 4 Months on the Keto Diet Looks Like!)

Visit for more about me on the keto diet before and after, low carb recipes, resources and more! Heaviest weight: 251 pounds Started Keto September 2015: 231pounds Current Weight January 2016: 180 pounds Over 50 pounds lost in 4 months! WHAAAAT?! I filmed the before video 4 months ago […]