Can Ketones and Ketosis help with Depression

Dom Tisher, Dustin Schaffer, and Javier Castro will discuss their personal experiences and trauma to better help others that are suffering from anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, migraines, insomnia, depression, PTSD, and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  Dom Tisher : [email protected] or Dustin Schaffer:[email protected] or Javier Castro: [email protected] or […]

Ketogenic diet wisdom, stalled weight-loss and mint tea.

In this video I share how the Ketogenic diet is really a lifestyle and not a diet. How can you go back to the ups and downs of carbs when you find stability, harmony and beauty in the Keto diet? I also share how you might get stuck while losing […]

Ketogenic Diet Improves Memory & Brain Health w/ Jan Venter, MD

Welcome to episode #158, with Dr. Jan Venter! He is a Functional Medicine and brain health specialist. Read the full show notes here: We discuss how to improve brain and mitochondrial function with a ketogenic diet. Dr. Venter also shares research about measuring and tracking brain function. 02:05 Dr. […]