“Ketogenic diet vs IIFYM” What’s THE BEST Way To Get Ripped

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Finding your optimal PROTEIN intake on a KETOGENIC DIET

Original Article: http://www.primaledgehealth.com/finding-your-optimal-protein-intake-for-a-ketogenic-diet/ When embarking on a ketogenic diet for health or fat loss, finding the optimum protein intake can be very confusing for many beginners. For smooth adaptation in the transition to a ketogenic metabolism I typically guide people using a caloric spread of around 70-80% fat, 15-25% protein, […]


For More Content: http://www.primaledgehealth.com Coaching: http://www.primaledgehealth.com/coaching Alcohol and ketosis – how will drinking affect ketosis? Will drinking occasionally on a ketogenic diet stall progress or adaptation? My thoughts on drinking and the ketogenic diet. source

Full day of eating (keto) – a KETOGENIC DIET with INTERMITTENT FASTING

“The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook: A Training Manual for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine”: http://www.primaledgehealth.com/product/primal-edge-health-ketogenic-cookbook/ more content, podcasts, coaching: http://www.primaledgehealth.com A full day of eating keto style…here is a typical day of eating delicious nutrient dense keto foods at slightly above maintenance calories with macros broken down for each meal. Today […]