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Full Nutritional Ketosis in 1 hour! Keto Ketopia **NEW 2015** Ketogenic Diet Fast Easy Fat Loss

The new Keto/Ketogenic diet is here. Enter Ketosis in 1 hour with Ketopia: Get stated & order your 10 day restart kit now by clicking this link: How long does it take to keto adapt or become keto adapted? As little as 1 hour with KetonX, Ketopia, Ketones. It’s […]

Ketogenic Diet – Easy explanation of Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet – – Here is a quick and easy explanation of the Ketogenic diet. I first came across ketogenic diets, while researching the connection between food and epilepsy. I have this theory, that most ills can be fixed or their conditions improved, through diet. A ketogenic diet is […]

Ketogenic Diet Experiment – 23 pounds in 1 month

This video describes an experiment I did concerning eating a controlled, ketogenic diet. I lost 23 pounds in 1 month! I hope this video is helpful or inspiration to others. My spreadsheet. You can see what I ate, in detail, here: source

30 day keto update. How much did my body change? ketogenic diet.

Here is a 30 day update where I talk about my change in body fat percentage as well as over all measurements. The ketogenic diet has changed my life so far. I am so excited that I have found a way of eating that allows me to build muscle while […]