What Eating Keto Does To Your Cholesterol.

Jimmy Moore and I review my cholesterol numbers since going low-carb, high-fat and show you how to interpret the results of your blood tests. Start fueling with fat: http://bit.ly/FatFueled || Read more: http://bit.ly/HighFatCholesterol || Click “Show More” for resources… Resources… Fat Fueled (regulate weight + hormones): http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/cUjYa Balanced Keto (stress-free […]

What Following a High-Fat Ketogenic Diet did to my Cholesterol and Body Fat %

Holy Salami, Batman — you won’t believe what eating an ultra high-fat diet for four months did to my body! Salami lovers, unite! For more details on what I eat — visit www.FabulouslyDomestic.com! For a great resource on eating keto, visit Leanne Vogel’s incredible resource site: www.healthfulpursuit.com. source

Ketogenic diet video

Dr Eric Crall discusses the ketogenic diet in detail, from how it works, the benefits of living in a state of nutritional ketosis, and the paradox of eating coconut oil, butter and beef to keep heart disease risk low. He discusses the proper monitoring to ensure continued ketosis is maintained, […]