Cyclic Keto Diet – CKD – Ketogenic – Ketosis

This is a video of my progress with the keto diet / cyclic ketogenic diet / CKD so far. I don’t go in to what foods i eat, but I have 6 meals (intakes of food) per day. I aim for 30g protein and 30g fat per meal plus veg. […]

Natural Ketosis with Hannah Sutter

Visit to get more FREE workouts, recipes, headlines and interviews with health and fitness experts from around the world! Hannah had an extremely successful career in the City for 17 years as a corporate Lawyer, where her relentless pursuit of the truth saved her clients staggering amounts of money. […]

HOW TO KETO ADAPT – PART 1 -…Using the ketogenic diet basics

I am re-visiting the subject of the keto adaptation basics on how to get into ketosis. WEBSITE: http:/// FB: source

The Keto Diet to Burn the Last bit of Fat

Download my example Keto Diet: Many people have tried different ways to lose fat. Even I fall into that category. Recently I found out about the ketogenic diet and it has helped me out in losing that stubborn fat or the last bit of fat from my body. Watch […]