Ketogenic Diet and Athletes with Guest Ben Greenfield – CHTV 105

We discuss the ketogenic diet with top health and fitness expert Ben Greenfield, taking a deeper look into low carb fueling for athletes. Ben practices many of the philosophies that we have been preaching for years. Watch to learn why a high-carb athlete should be a thing of the past. […]

Ketogenic Diet Expert Dr. Jeff Volek – CHTV 104

Ketogenic Diet expert Dr. Jeff Volek of Ohio State University is this week’s special guest. More info on Ketogenic Diets at Dr. or Dr. Volek’s site: source

Ketosis and Ketones w/ Dr. Dominic D’Agostino Ketogenic Diet Expert & Fat Burn – CHTV 98

Ketosis and ketones what are they..When in a ketotic state, carbohydrate intake is so low that the body shifts over from burning glucose as a primary source of fuel to using fat and its own fat stores for energy. Essentially, when in ketosis you become a “fat burner” instead of […]