Low Carb, Ketogenic Diets & Genetic Expression w/ Lucia Aronica, PhD

Stanford University scientist Lucia Aronica, PhD, goes into details about how different diets—especially low-carb—affect our DNA structure (aka epigenome). ➢Listen in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/169-lucia-aronica-phd-epigenetics/id910048041?i=1000379293110&mt=2 ➢Read the Show Noteshttp://highintensityhealth.com/169 —————————————–Lets Connect————————————– ➢ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MikeMutzelMS ➢ Listen to the Audio in iTunes: http://highintensityhealth.com/itunes ➢ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/metabolic_mike ————————————–Key Takeaways———————————- You might recall that your […]

Benefits of a Fat-Based Ketogenic diet for your body and brain -Nora Gedgaudas

Best Selling Author Nora Gedgaudas gives an overview of the current science showing the huge benefits of maintaining a ketogenic state. From the Neonate to the centenarian it seems that the well adapted ketogenic state may be of great benefit. It makes the brain run better, protects against diseases of […]