Top Physique Coach Menno Henselmans: Optimizing a Keto Diet and Bashing Keto Myths founder Luis “Darth Luiggi” Villasenor interviews top physique coach Menno Henselmans on how to optimize a keto diet and they also tackle some of the common keto myths. Visit to calculate your calories/macros for a keto diet and a complete resource on a well-formulated keto diet. Join our […]

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet 101

Interview with founder (@keto_diesel) of the Facebook group “Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting”. We discuss his experience with cycling carbs on a ketogenic diet. We talk about Who should and shouldn’t do a “CKD”? Can you build muscle on a keto diet and if so, is keto optimal? What is his protocol […]