The Best Macro Ratio’s for a Lean & Muscular Physique

Use the Free Physique Builder Tool – Make Fasting Easier With Coffee – Get The World’s Best Fitness Equipment (Including the Kino Dip Belt) – Add me on snapchat – @gog9 In this video you’ll learn about the best macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats and […]

FULL DAY OF EATING | KETO | LOW CARB | Intermittent Fasting

Follow me on a full day of eating. How i stay on track while eating out as well as keeping my macros in check. Thanks for watching you guys! **************Tangerine Fat Bomb Recipe**************** NET CARBS: 1g Macros- Fat: 18.6g Carbs: 3.7g Protein: 1.9g Fiber: 2.7g Calories: 196 this recipe can […]

Full Day of Eating Vlog | Ketogenic Diet | IIFYM

MY EVERYDAY FAVES: ♡ Food Scale: ♡ Calorie Tracker Watch: ♡ Body Fat Scale: ♡ George Foreman Grill: ♡ Vlogging Camera #1: ♡ Vlogging Camera #2: ♡ Go Pro Camera: ♡ Camera Lense: ♡ Indoor Exercise Bike: ♡ Protein Bars: […]

My Food Addiction and Starting Ketogenic Eating / Keto Diet | Gastric Bypass Rny Revision

baby steps with me ya’ll … baby steps Often Imitated Never Duplicated! HEY GIRL HEY!! SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MORE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~~~ Use nirvana30 for your 30% off coupon code at checkout. I couldn’t be more excited to show you guys these products, and help educate you along the way. […]

What To Eat On The Keto Diet

Ok so I know this video is long but it is jam packed info, questions and macro breakdowns! This is a must watch for anyone thinking about doing the keto diet. Keto Grocery Haul Video- Be Unchained. IF YOU NEED VIDEO EDITING FOR YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER ect. EMAIL ME […]

Q&A with Darthluiggi, Ketogenic Diet OG – Keto gains FAQ, macros, strength training, bodybuilding A true veteran in his realm, Luis aka u/darthuiggi, runs the Reddit Ketogains board among other forums and spends loads of energy answering peoples questions , giving advise, and being a solid dude. Luis has enjoyed lifting for bodybuilding (naturally) for over a decade and has been doing […]

Why You Feel Sick On The Ketosis Diet

What’s up guys? Today’s video is a discussion about why you probably feel sick while transitioning into the ketosis diet or any diet in general. ➢ Subscribe: ➢ Approved Products: ➢ Shop On Amazon: ➢ Facebook: ➢ Twitter: ➢ Instagram: ➢ Contact Me: [email protected] […]


coaching, skype consultations: It’s a very common mistake that newcomers to keto experience – the fallacy that eating more fat will equal more weight loss and deeper “ketosis”. My thoughts on the common mistake of “eat more fat = lose more fat” as well as some other keto confusions […]