Top Physique Coach Menno Henselmans: Optimizing a Keto Diet and Bashing Keto Myths founder Luis “Darth Luiggi” Villasenor interviews top physique coach Menno Henselmans on how to optimize a keto diet and they also tackle some of the common keto myths. Visit to calculate your calories/macros for a keto diet and a complete resource on a well-formulated keto diet. Join our […]

The #coconutoilchallenge begins! Ketogenic diet Q&A with Darthluiggi, 15 years in ketosis

What is the #coconutoilchallenge??? The #coconutoilchallenge begins! Check out the Charlie Foundation at and support their important work, once you’ve completed the #coconutoilchallenge you can challenge your friends! The #coconutoilchallenge was started with the intention of bringing awareness to the need for more research on nutritional and metabolic […]

SSD Podcast Ep. 6: Luis Villasenor/Darthluigi: Building Muscle the Keto Diet!

Luis Villasenor, founder of ketogains, has been following a ketogenic diet for the past 15 years. You can check his pictures out, he certainly walks the walk. He is also coaching people, and helps them if they want to give keto a go. source

It takes TIME to build muscle, think long-term: Ketogenic Diet and muscle gains Coaching, skype consultations: A common mistake made by beginners is to fall into frustration and over analysis during the first stages of trying to put on quality lean muscle. It takes time, patience, and dedication to put on muscle – don’t get stuck in a mental rut…focus on […]

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet 101

Interview with founder (@keto_diesel) of the Facebook group “Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting”. We discuss his experience with cycling carbs on a ketogenic diet. We talk about Who should and shouldn’t do a “CKD”? Can you build muscle on a keto diet and if so, is keto optimal? What is his protocol […]