Cyclic Keto Diet – CKD – Ketogenic – Ketosis

This is a video of my progress with the keto diet / cyclic ketogenic diet / CKD so far. I don’t go in to what foods i eat, but I have 6 meals (intakes of food) per day. I aim for 30g protein and 30g fat per meal plus veg. […]

Ketogenic Diet Plan & Epilepsy – How the Ketogenic Diet & Yoga helped My Son

Ketogenic Diet Plan & Epilepsy – – My personal experience. The Paleo diet, Dukan diet and the ever-popular Atkins diet are based on the Ketogenic diet plan. I’ll share with you the effectiveness of Ketogenic diet and yoga for epilepsy through my own personal experiences. Stay with me to […]

Ketogenic Diet Burger

Ketogenic Diet Burger A short video of how I flavored and cooked burger meat to make the Keto way of eating a little more interesting. It is low carb friendly, packed with protein and delicious. Keywords: Keto burger recipe ketogenic diet recipes low carb recipes how to lose weight ketogenic […]