Day of Eating Keto on a College Meal Plan

First full day of eating guys! My Macros for cutting right now are 2400( a 200 calorie deficit) That’s all it takes for me, just 200 calories less a day. This is iifym style cuz I don’t have the best and healthiest foods but I do what I gotta do. […]

Ketogenic Vegan (OMAD) Diet – Mental Clarity

My experience of the beginning of a vegan, high fat, low carb, low protein, ketogenic diet. I also eat only one meal a day. The mental clarity is very pleasant so far. But be prepared for some weakness in the beginning. Your body has to turn it’s pathways to generate […]


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Chatty Vlog | Water Fasting And Keto Diet

Just catching up with you guys, as it’s been a while! It’s been way too long… Right now my schedule is all over the place, but mid february it’ll be easier to manage ******************** Find me here: Gaming Channel: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ******************** Camera […]

90 Day Ketogenic Diet Experiment, Day 21

21st day on the Keto Diet feeling pretty good. Keto breath started on the 15th day along with the increased endurance while exercising. Until 2 or 3 days ago I kept the carb intake to way below 30g and went all the way down to 0 carbs. Which I increased […]

“Ketogenic diet vs IIFYM” What’s THE BEST Way To Get Ripped

Take my FREE fat loss survey to see what fat loss method will work best for YOU Big Brandon Carter Instagram Big Brandon Carter Facebook page My Ebook “Ultimate Cuts: 7 Secrets To Burning Fat Fast As Hell” “ULTIMATE MASS: 7 Secrets To Build Muscle Fast […]