LOLOLOLOLOL AT THE EDITING MISTAKE!!! Do you have deja vu?! hahaha PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THAT COX LIFE:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb-YPQ0h99Vyhm0zvQxl4Lg It will make my husbands day! 🙂 He spends so much time meticulously editing because he loves creating videos! I am working on getting back into the groove with videos while moving. Congratulations […]

Ketogenic Diet Burger

Ketogenic Diet Burger A short video of how I flavored and cooked burger meat to make the Keto way of eating a little more interesting. It is low carb friendly, packed with protein and delicious. Keywords: Keto burger recipe ketogenic diet recipes low carb recipes how to lose weight ketogenic […]

HOW I LOST 10 POUNDS (All About Keto)

My Weight Loss/Fitness Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/shayleeweightloss/ I’m currently losing weight by going Keto (Ketogenic diet). I encourage you to look into it more. I’m NOT a medical professional, but I see it working for me and others. As I’m typing this I’m now 13 pounds down! 13!! I can’t NOT […]

Carb Backloading. Effects on Keto Adaptation when on a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.

My Intermittent fasting and Cyclical Ketogenic dieting continues as I inch closer to my goal weight. This is the home stretch and I have to start thinking about weight maintenance soon. I have come a long way on this journey and learned alot about health, diet, and exercise. I have […]

Is the Ketogenic Diet a Complete Failure? New Study vs Regular Diet.

In this video I give my views on a video floating around about a Study that says the Ketogenic Diet has no advantage over a regular low calorie diet. I give my opinion on multiple points about this study and discuss what the true advantages and disadvantages of a Ketogenic […]

Ketogenic Diet : Week 13

Happy New Years guys ! Sorry I didn’t upload last week, I was spending time with family but I did stay in ketosis ! * Visit my Amazon store !! *http://astore.amazon.com/rachelfaithsweightlossproducts-20 * This means affiliate links. For more info se below !!!! *AFFILIATE LINKS HELP TO SUPPORT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL […]

6 Week Ketogenic Diet with Intermittent Fasting Challenge

I have been having trouble with cravings and hunger while fasting. My research has led me to the path of Ketosis and the devastating effect of sugar and carbs. I have been unable to find science based articles on the effects of Keto adaptation combined with Intermittent fasting. So I […]


coaching, skype consultations: http://www.primaledgehealth.com/coaching It’s a very common mistake that newcomers to keto experience – the fallacy that eating more fat will equal more weight loss and deeper “ketosis”. My thoughts on the common mistake of “eat more fat = lose more fat” as well as some other keto confusions […]