Ketogenic Diet | How To Order Fast Food

If you wish to learn how to order fast food while on a ketogenic diet, this is the video for you. Since being on a ketogenic diet I don’t eat a lot of fast food, but I do have days where I am just so busy that ordering fast food […]

Ketogenic Diet Recipe | Cheese Souffle | Low Carb High Fat

I hope you enjoy my ketogenic diet recipe for my version of a cheese souffle. This keto cheese soufflé was inspired by a video I saw of Julia Child making her cheese soufflé recipe on her cooking show. I love experimenting with different recipes and remaking them to fit into […]

Keto Diet Grocery Haul – Low Carb High Fat Diet – Vlogmas 10

Keto Diet Grocery Haul – Low Carb High Fat Diet – Vlogmas 10. A BIG grocery haul of low carb, high fat ketogenic diet friendly foods. ** Join the Vlogmas fun! For a new video every day of December subscribe for FREE: Watch More Keto Diet Grocery Hauls – […]

Ketogenic Diet | FDOE | Kicked Out of Ketosis

Happy 2017 everyone! In today’s video, I show my full day of eating on my first day back on the ketogenic diet after being kicked out of ketosis from eating holiday goodies. I enjoyed my time off with family and eating bad things, but am so ready to feel like […]

Ketogenic Diet | Costco Grocery Haul

Sorry to rush through this video, but I was grocery shopping last minute on Christmas Eve and wanted to share my ketogenic diet Costco grocery haul with you all. The smoked gouda is actually really incredible with the salami, so if you guys have a Costco, try it out! I […]

KETO Diet Weight Loss Transformation | Weigh-In & Measurements

Finally some updated measurements and a body update. I know it’s been a while since I have done measurements… probably 8 months or so. It’s nice to see that although the scale hasn’t moved much in the last 6 months or so I am still seeing results in my body […]

What I Eat on a Ketogenic Diet | Part 1 | Fats and Macros What I eat on a ketogenic diet to get my fats in. This is part 1 of a series of videos I will be posting to show what I foods I eat on a ketogenic diet. If you are unsure what to eat on a keto diet, this series […]