(SHORT) High Fat Keto Coffee | Coconut Oil Base

★This is not my daily coffee. I drink this every once in a while ★If you live in a country like the US where raw eggs carry a risk of salmonella, you might want to leave them out. Several dishes in Japan (where I am) incorporate raw or semicooked egg […]

Bulletproof Coffee & Intermittent Fasting revisited – Ketogenic Diet

What is bulletproof or fatty coffee? A mix of freshly brewed coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT oil (http://amzn.to/2iTqDok). Some people like to use Coconut oil instead of MCT oil or heavy cream instead of butter. First off, if you’re still eating a standard diet that is high in carbs, it’s […]

Can Ketones and Ketosis help with Depression

Dom Tisher, Dustin Schaffer, and Javier Castro will discuss their personal experiences and trauma to better help others that are suffering from anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, migraines, insomnia, depression, PTSD, and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  Dom Tisher : [email protected] or http://keto1.pruvitnow.com Dustin Schaffer:[email protected] or http://dustin.pruvitnow.com Javier Castro: [email protected] or […]

Following a Ketogenic Diet Without a Gallbladder

Following a ketogenic diet without a gallbladder can pose complications because of the body’s inability to adequately secrete bile to break down fatty meals. Fortunately, these 7 strategies will answer your concerns for maintaining ketosis without a gallbladder. For more info read this article: http://drjockers.com/following-a-ketogenic-diet-without-a-gallbladder/ source

Meal Planning on a Ketogenic Diet

As a clinician, I believe everyone on the planet would benefit from a cyclic ketogenic diet. This means that the body uses ketone bodies as its primary fuel source a majority of the time. To get into and maintain ketosis you eat a low-carb diet with only moderate amounts of […]

Brendan Schaub On MCT Oil

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