Dr. Mithu Storoni: The Ketogenic Diet, Brain-Boosting Fats, & How to Avoid Low-Carb Mistakes

Click here for your free Fat-Burning Kit: http://fatburningman.com/bonus What if your doctor told you to eat more fat? That day might come sooner than you think. In the scientific community, “High-fat” ketogenic diets are suddenly in vogue. The ketogenic diet is being studied for its potential to treat Epilepsy, Multiple […]

Brendan Schaub On MCT Oil

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The Ketogenic Diet Made Simple

Got a new camera but quality got messed up :/ After my video about the various types of fats and about MCT, I got a lot of requests about my breakdown of the ketogenic diet! I go over what it means to be in ketosis, the mechanisms behind it, the […]