Bacon Lobster Tails (no lobster) Low Carb Keto Recipe. Gluten free

Ketogenic Diet recipes. This is a 100% keto friendly dish. Ingredients: 5 stripes of bacon 4 oz cream cheese chipotle pepper hot sauce 12 inch long tweezers: Gluten free Tweezers for cooking bacon: My secret to perfect bacon: Our website: Follow on Twitter: Watch how […]

Keto Meal Prep Episode 1

Customized Meal Plans…. Email me at [email protected] Just put in the Title: CLEAN EATING MEAL PLAN. I will work with you to get you the meal plan that will help you get the results your looking for. Weather that means Gaining mass…losing weight…cutting…you tell me and we will get you […]

How to start Ketogenic Diet for Noobs (Great for Reactive Hypoglycemia)

Clear out your cabinet and fridge that has anything more than 10g of carbs per serving. Find out your diet goals here Then go shopping with this food pyramid in mind, you diet should be 65-80% fat, 15-30% protein, and 5% carbs, WITH A MAXIMUM OF 25-30 CARBS PER […]

Why I started Ketogenic Diet – Reactive Hypoglycemia

For 3 years, I would get chronic headaches and feel cloudy, and not function if hungry. I looked healthy on the outside but felt like melted goo on the inside. I self diagnosed myself as reactive hypoglycemic and finally had it verified by the doctor. I now feel amazing 24-7 […]