Debunking Low Carb Myths with Dr. Eric Westman

Associate professor of medicine, the director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, and medical director of the Duke Center for Smoking Cessation. Dr. Westman is also board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine, and has a masters degree in clinical research. His clinical research and clinical care relate to […]

Eating Keto 33: Berry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Eating Keto 33: Berry Cheesecake Fat Bombs Follow me on… ➞ Instagram @AmandaZajes – ➞ Twitter @AmandaZajes – ➞ Facebook: – ➞ Pinterest: azajes – ➞ Check out my GoFundMe Campaign ➞ =============================================== Filmed June 16th, 2015 ➞ Source:!SWEETS-FOR-MY-SWEETS-THIS-VALENTINES-DAY/c1k5x/33C7AFF7-831F-46FC-8E2A-2444DBF6BCDE ➞ Ingredients (makes 8): […]

Making bone broth soup Ketosis lifestyle on Pruvit! – by Ryan Conley ketones Keto

Bone Broth Soup is a must if you are following a ketosis lifestyle! Add this to your eating menu on top of using Pruvit! Join Pruvit at my site You can contact Ryan Conley at 206.396.9778 Skype: ryan.conley206 [email protected] Tweets by J_Ryan_Conley source

How to make Keto coffee or ketogenic coffee

How to make “keto coffee” or my own version of” Bullet Proof coffee “. Basically this is a High fat low carb creamy coffee to get in over 450 calories and tons of good fats while on the Keto diet. You need high fat to stay in ketosis and this […]

[email protected] ~~Keto Diet Costco Haul

Starting to get my house set up for this new Keto lifestyle….Went to Costco, and had a completely different experience than normal…usually I would have come home with muffins, breads, tortillas, pastas, and basically everything we can’t eat…and NOW I see why I was never able to lose fat….I am […]

(Keto) Full Day of Eating 7: July 22nd, 2015

Follow me on… ➞ Instagram @AmandaZajes – ➞ Twitter @AmandaZajes – ➞ Facebook: – ➞ Pinterest: azajes – ➞ Check out my GoFundMe Campaign ➞ ========================================­= Filmed July 22nd, 2015 ➞Breakfast: -Egg White Omelette – 254 Cals/12g Fat/28g Protein/5g Net Carbs -‘Bulletproof’ Coffee (sf […]

How to Start a Keto Diet

This is 5 tips to help you start your keto diet! Starting a keto diet can be hard, confusing and scary. There’s a lot of info on the internet and sometimes you just can’t figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. So today I made a video on 5 tips […]


So this method is like the VIP pass at disney world but for ketosis, it gets you into it fast! Really handy for anyone who just had a massive cheat meal or is on a CKD diet or is starting the diet for the first time. i’ve used this a […]