Eggplant KETO Mini Pizzas recipe. Gluten free

Microwave ketogenic eggplant pizza recipe. Gluten free Parchment paper from this video: This ketogenic low carb recipe video gives you full step by step directions on how to make a keto friendly party snack with super low carbohydrate count! Keto diet requires careful study of ingredients that you consume. […]

Cauliflower Pizza | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Here is my recipe for Cauliflower Pizza. That’s a pizza with no bread. I learnt this recipe since I’ve been on a ketogenic diet since 2nd December 2015 and I can’t bread and rice and pasta etc so I had to find new foods to eat. This was quite something […]

I’m out of Ketosis!!! What happens if you take a break from ketogenic diet? my experience

**Sorry the video is a little fuzzy for the first 10 seconds** I ate a bunch of candy and decided to take a break from my ketogenic diet. So I spent a few days eating whatever i felt like. I went to a potluck barbecue and had a little bit […]