Ketogenic Dieting for Max Fat Loss!

Here is the ketogenic diet explained. Its a simple meal plan with endless recipes that provide great before and after results. Its useful for bodybuilding, burning fat, and even fighting cancer! Subscribe to Fitness Facts: Watch the Steak & Eggs video: Why you should do a ketogenic diet […]

“Ketogenic diet vs IIFYM” What’s THE BEST Way To Get Ripped

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Simple Ketogenic Diet Plan – That Works! | See why & how my simple, yet highly effective keto diet plan works. Learn more about me and my Keto journey, and how this plan came to be. It was made to cater to people with little to no free time, with recipes that require minimal cooking – […]

Top 5 Common Mistakes Made on a Ketogenic Diet | Stalled or not losing weight on keto? Learn the Top 5 common mistakes people make on a keto diet (ketogenic). Hoping this video will help out anyone who isn’t losing weight or getting the results they expected on keto. If your weight loss has stalled or slowed down […]