Cyclic Keto Diet – CKD – Ketogenic – Ketosis

This is a video of my progress with the keto diet / cyclic ketogenic diet / CKD so far. I don’t go in to what foods i eat, but I have 6 meals (intakes of food) per day. I aim for 30g protein and 30g fat per meal plus veg. […]

Full Day Of Eating #2 | Keto Style | Gabriel Sey

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Keto Diet|| Getting shredded in 17 days?

I only have 17 days left to get shredded; is it possible without steroids?? We shall find out with my keto diet experimentation…. My Macros for this diet: 184 grams of protein 25 grams or less of carbs 140 grams of fat Training: I will be training 6 days a […]

KETO DIET | Full day of eating | 3000k/cal

So I am newly Keto and absolutely loving it!! i mix my days proteins between Chicken, fish & Beef but this is my main structure! i really hope it helps you guys plan a Keto diet! IF YOU WOULD LIKE MY HELP contact [email protected]com Fully Qualified Lv 6 DIP in […]