Stephanie Keto Person and her Ketogenic Diet Lies! Busting some LOW CARB MYTHS!

Stephanie Keto Person and KetoCoconutGirl are under trial today. Time to bust some seriously outdated myths about high fat diets. All music from videos available here! Patreon Twitter Facebook Subscribe to Kent! VIDEOS TO WATCH The Kasey and Kent Show (Funny Vegan Sitcom) Funny Comedy […]

Is The Ketogenic Diet & Ketosis Healthy? Dr Michael Klaper

Should we be eating a ketogenic diet? Is ketosis actually safe? Is a ketogenic diet good for us? Should we be eating a high protein diet? What about weight loss on a ketogenic diet? What diet is the healthiest for humans? What foods are we designed to eat? Keep listening […]

Ketogenic Diets Make You Sick! Dr John McDougall

Are ketogenic and high animal protein diets healthy? Are these Palaeolithic diets actually safe for humans? What happens to your body when you eat a low carb diet? Is the body able to deal with these high protein and fat diets? Are low carb diets dangerous? Keep listening as Dr […]

Best Diet To Prevent Cancer? Paleo? Ketogenic? Vegan? Dr Michael Greger

What is the best diet for preventing cancer? Does the paleo diet stop cancer? What about the ketogenic diet and cancer? Can a wholefood plant based diet prevent cancer? Can we be healthy if we don’t eat meat? Do we need meat to be healthy and cancer free? What about […]