5 Ways To Bulletproof Your Keto Diet | Keto Diet Week 4

AGG discussing 5 ways to bullet proof your game plan for the ketogenic diet. There are hazards and pitfalls to be aware of and the sooner you arm yourself with these kinds of steps the better. ***************5 Ways to Bulletproof Your Keto Diet*********** 1) Bulletproof your coffee or tea. Or […]

Keto: Keeping it Simple | Day 1| Back to the basics!/HIIT Cardio for ketosis?

Follow along with me for my 10 day “restart” as I begin adhering to the keto diet once again! No more cheating! Low Carb Conversations Podcast: http://www.lowcarbconversations.com/3377/196-melanie-ward-and-katherine-salom-on-the-fallacy-of-health-food-at-mcdonalds/ Join my FB Group for support!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/216314955463028/ —————————————————————————————- Mail me: Katherine Salom PO Box 2513 Baytown, TX 77522 ManSports.com 20% off code: ksalom […]


AGG discussing a common concern among not just Keto dieters, but any dieter. Remember to not just look at the diet as a weight loss tool, but a way of life that you can sustain for the majority of the time. Realize there will be set backs – not just […]

Keto Diet & My Experience

A rather large blubber about my experience with Keto/Fat Fueled way of eating. My eating schedule, favorite foods, why I eat keto and more! ______________________________________________ Follow me! =) https://www.facebook.com/myfittinglife https://www.instagram.com/kelly_myfittinglife Tweets by myfittinglife Email me! [email protected] HOME source