Ketogenic Diet: Fast Food 2

Part 2 of what I will be making a series, Ketogenic Diet Fast Food. This series will focus on how to adapt your food to stay true to your ketogenic diet when on the go whether it be business travel like myself, or social situations. You don’t have to eat […]

Coffee Talk with Caty; My Diet and Exercise Routine

What does your diet look like? How do you get your exercise? Do you workout? Do you have a gym? Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Do you have any dietary limitations? How do you feel about your body and why? Are you happy? Follow me! Vlog channel: […]

Keto Diet and Athletes!

Online And In Person Training with Bios3: [email protected] 5% nutrition (Rich Piana) GASP and BETTER BODIES CLOTHING for GASP and BETTER BODIES CLOTHING! Bio-Built Workout tv on youtube Alternate Bios3 channel! ill pump you up My Bios3 Facebook My Facebook My Instagram My […]

Q&A with Darthluiggi, Ketogenic Diet OG – Keto gains FAQ, macros, strength training, bodybuilding A true veteran in his realm, Luis aka u/darthuiggi, runs the Reddit Ketogains board among other forums and spends loads of energy answering peoples questions , giving advise, and being a solid dude. Luis has enjoyed lifting for bodybuilding (naturally) for over a decade and has been doing […]


Enos Testimonial: He wanted to improve is energy, body fat composition, sleep quality, hunger cravings and most important knowing how much protein he needed to build muscle and have strength gains at the gym. Enos is avid “lifter” bodybuilder at the height of 6’3. WEBSITE: FB: INSTAGRAM: […]

Ketogenic Diet for high level athletes? Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery

For audio only or itunes/android: private coaching – Very excited to bring this episode to you all! Dr. Jacob Wilson aka the #Muscleprof, Craig Preisendorf the #SuperHeroMaker, and Ryan Lowery joined me to talk about the cutting edge research they are conducting on ketogenic diets for high level […]

Ketogenic Diet Questions Answered

Do I need a pre-workout? When will I see results? Do you use any supplements? Should I supplement with sodium? How long does it take to keto adapt? How to make bone broth Fat bomb recipe source