A day of eating Keto – spot on my macros! (Ketogenic diet Jan 2017)

Hi keto followers here is my quick video of a day of eating Keto. As i mentioned its very beneficial to meal prep saves you alot of stress and time in the long run. The app I use to track macros is the My fitness pal free app. You can […]

How to Deal with People Hating on Your Keto Diet!

If you are on a low carb diet like atkins or keto you will encounter a keto hater. In this vlog we discuss our experiences with keto haters and how to deal with them! Haters going to hate! Related links: www.instagram.com/keto_twins Link to low-fat controversy: http://www.vice.com/read/were-all-guinea-pigs-in-a-failed-decades-long-diet-experiment source

LARGE TO IN CHARGE; weight loss; my loss journey; keto; keto diet; weight; weightloss; obese; fat

Hi my name is Billy I am sharing my weight loss journey too not only improve my own health, but to make others aware of the dangers of obesity and to encourage more people to make a change in their own lives despite the chaos and stressors of life. Over […]

Ketogenic Diets: Do They Cause Insulin Resistance?

Ketogenic diets have been popular for decades for weightloss and for various other treatments. Find out if there are alternatives that work just as good and if there are any downsides to keto diets. What is a Keto Diet: What is the Ketogenic Diet? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide https://authoritynutrition.com/3-reasons-why-bulletproof-coffee-is-a-bad-idea/ Sweeney: […]

Low Carb Ketogenic Diet at A Fast Food Restaurant Vlog #3

Hi guys! I’m back with a new keto video! This is something I rarely do, but if and when I am either running late or something happens and I cannot prepare my lunch then I will get keto/low carb style burger or chicken sandwich. At Wendy’s you can just say […]