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I been on a ketosis diet for 3 weeks.. eating a maximum of 40 carbs per day and thats only when I lift weights and run afterwards.. Can I just bring carbs back to my body like usual.. or whats the way to do this?? PROFESSIONAL HELP PLS!

Cause I want my six pack abs to show because I have a layer of belly fat which prevents it. So can you please help me to get to my goal of loosing nine percent body fat. This is only so my abs can show.

weight loss low carbohydrate ketogenic diet

Less than a year ago, four-year-old Max Irvine was having hundreds of seizures a day. Under the guidance of Mayo Clinic pediatric neurologist Elaine Wirrell, MD, Troy and Kristine Irvine took Max off all his epilepsy medications and relied on the ketogenic diet to inhibit his seizures. The day he took his last pill, he started to walk again. That evening he began talking again and Max has not had another seizure since that day. This video tells their story.

I know ketosis results from drastically reducing your carb intake but does it matter how many calories you consume? If your food intake has the appropriate amount of fat, protein and carb percentage to induce ketosis, does it matter how little or how much you eat in terms of calories?

Please no advice on how low-carb is bad for me. I have valid reasons to go low-carb.

WWW.HCGPROTOCOL.COM – low cost kits, collection of how to videos, sterile vials, Asher Harper Study, Pounds and Inches pdf. Check out hCG prices @ http Very low carb – also should work well for the Atkins diet. Apple cinnamon the way a guy would do it… and something a little creative with coconut oil. Assuming you believe the hcg protocol IS a ketogenic diet – you can assist your fat burn with medium chain triglycerides… (MCTs) MCT not only stokes the fat buring furnace, it might also make you feel fuller on less food. EXPERIMENT: test ketones right before eating a cluster – measure ketone level again 2-4 hours later. MY level is usually 40-80mg/dL higher after eating the treat… let’s not forget the antioxident properties of chocolate. Interestingly – MCT can not be converted into stored fat – in fact, the body treats it more like a carb and can use it for instant energy. Daily dose: 2-3 TEAspoonfuls of MCT oil // 2-3 TABLEspoonfuls of EVCO/VCO/CO. The best: MCT oil – .99 for 16oz @ (no affiliation, just a great site – check their prices on low cal protein and flavored stevias as well) The runner up: cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil (CPEVCO) Contenders: other types of EVCO, then VCO, then CO… For those tired of salad that enjoy oil and vinegar – you CAN use MCT or coconut oil as part of your salad dressing while on the hCG diet.. With any of the above mentioned coconut products – you don’t want to cook at too high a heat… as shown

Can i have oats and nuts? stuff like oatmeal. and would the ketosis diet be unsafe if i have 17% body fat? and how long does it take to take of 1% body fat if i use the ketosis diet.

One doctor I went to had a fit that I was doing the ketosis diet… I asked him what the difference is between the one I am doing and getting gastric bypass done.

Both have to take vitamins, BOTH have to have limited portions and both have limited caloric intake and both are supervised by a doctor.

Just one … you have NO hospital stay.

He acted all offended when I brought up my thoughts on it because I told him I refuse to have someone cut on me if I can do the same dang thing without it.

What IS the difference, because he couldnt give me one… and I know what happens with the surgery, shortened bowels and smaller stomac….
The doc was my primary care doc who told me I had to lose weight. He kept suggesting gastric bypass and I told him because of prior problems of a surgery that was botched I rather starve my self than go under the knife again. I found a weight loss center that focuses on ketosis and they monitor you…. and he was bent out of shape … I told him dude, YOU TOLD ME to find a way…

In April, 2008, at the International Symposium For Dietary Therapies For Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders, we had an opportunity to interview physicians who oversee ten of the leading ketogenic diet programs in the world.

I have been on the diet for 4 weeks now, I use the ketostix and sometimes the results are light pink when i try early in the day but then I try it again later in the day and it turns dark purple. I maintain my carb intake to about 15 grams a day. So i was wondering why that happens. Thanks for the info.