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This podcast style video I discuss some future channel decisions. Gaining muscle on a Ketogenic Diet, The 5000 Calorie Ketogenic Challenge and review some helpful articles. I also discuss my food that I eat on a typical day for weight loss while on Keto.


20 Replies to “1000 Subscribers, Building Muscle on Ketogenic Diet, and Comments on Fasting and Nutrition”

  1. Gotta carb up. After one month of heavy training with no carbs and fasting, I started to faint. Yesterday I almost blacked out in the gym. My blood pressure was so low, it was the reason I guess. Glucose tablets wouldn't help much so, after only a plate of carb filled soup I felt much better. Planning to get on carbs for a week to fill up before I start again and kill those last 2 pounds covering my abs.

  2. You made a comment : if they charge, they have a different goal. While I can take the advertising, I will not pay for content…
    Thank you for the free advices…

  3. Smash the fat did an interview with Dr. Jason Fung. Wow I learned a lot. JF is a kidney doctor and traces a lot of diseases back to a surplus of insulin. Intermittent fasting and Keto keeps your insulin cup from running over and in turn keeps your body from going, for instance, from fat body state to heart disease to heart attack. He says by keeping your insulin low you will not get the chain reactions of a lot of diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease & heart disease. I've been watching Dr. Jason Jungs you tube videos and it's affirming your LCHF & intermittent fasting life style. Eating fat helps slow down the insulin accumulation and also fiber slows down the insulin accumulation.
    6 part series:

    I enjoy and look for your videos and as far a paid subscription….kind of think it would be a stopper not because of the money but because it would be a 'hassle' added step. Rather send a donation every once in a while. Thanxxxx

  4. Hi Scott, been following your channel since last year. Found it while I was searching for Intermittent fasting information. Very intrigued by your ketogenic experiment/lifestyle and plan to continue to learn from you.

    Always meant to post info on this greek yoghurt that is readily available here in Scotland. I remember a few months back you were struggling to find a yoghurt that was low carb so hopefully they sell it in the US.

    Couple of questions – As I search for more information to help me with my lifestyle changes I wondered if you had stumbled across this chap and what your take on his theories were? He wrote Carbnite and Carb Back Loading (CBL)

    Basically, he advocates a ketogenic lifestyle except, with his Carbnite plan, which is designed for non active people, he re-feeds carbs once a week and only at night. The CBL program is for weight training individuals and you refeed carbs on the days that you work-out but only after your workouts. He says it is to do with the required insulin spike that you need to repair and refeed your muscles post workout and how this a more scientific approach to using carbs as a tool to enhance your goals rather than a kind of all or nothing approach. He seems to be pioneer in the research behind this theory, filling in the gaps left by other researchers. He sells these 2 ebooks but he doesn't hide the fact that if you search enough about his theories you can basically get the info for free, if you are willing to do the research.

    Also, this guy, Greg O'Gallagher . He's a young dude with an obvious hustle going on but, if you look past it, there is some interesting information. He doesn't recommend ketogenic but is very much into intermittent fasting every day. However, it's his low body fat percentages, while still ingesting carbs, that I am intrigued by. Of course, a lot of his videos can be annoying for our demographic and obviously being a young chap he doesn't have to battle with the metabolic damage that our age group have to deal with. If he truly is natural, then he has an impressive physique for someone that doesn't spend all day in the gym, eats 2 meals a day and isn't into food type restriction.

    I have a lot of respect for your open approach Scott and appreciate the free content.

    p.s. That Smash the Fat experiment was interesting. However, I remember watching a BBC program on nutrition a while back where they analysed the ingestion of calories from nuts. From what I remember the extra calories from nuts (almonds in this case) had not impact, no weight gain. Given that this guy had nearly 3,000 extra calories per day from nuts, I wonder if that was the reason he didn't gain weight. Just a thought.


  5. Congratulations on your 1,000 members. I don't know if the PPV content is a smart idea; I've never paid for a YouTube video myself, I'm hardly a cheapskate but unless you have 100% ORIGINAL ideas everyone is just gonna go to the free advice. But who knows Scott maybe I can work for you.. Never know till you try it!

  6. I love your channel. This is such an interesting journey you are going on to lose weight, change your lifestyle and perhaps even save your life. You are revolutionizing my life too…

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