Update on my fitness quest and results, now two months on the ketogenic diet. Here is a sample of what I have been eating and here are the results I have been getting.


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  1. It wasn't your fat weight it was your water weight you lost you asshat.Carbs hold 4x the water weight in your body compared to pure fatty foods.You lost water weight!Your heart will fail on your current diet miss knowitall.

  2. How efficiently one burns fat on a ketogenic diet is influenced by genetics; it's not for everyone, but many would be positively surprised. My wife and I respond very well to ketosis and actually hold accountable our first three month stint on Lyle McDonald's ketogenic diet for our first pregnancy, which was not previously possible due to infertility conditions. If I recall correctly, we used to "carbohydrate-load" once a week.

  3. That still of you wolfing down what looks like an ice cream burger is extremely…ahhh…how to put this appropriately?…ahhhhh….hmmmm "suggestive"? LOL!


  4. I tried keto and I lost a ton of weight like 50lbs but the diet destroyed my gallbladder , I had to have it removed. Our bodies are designed to eat a majority of calories from plant based carbohydrates and only a small amount of fat.

  5. All the animal products will make your cholesterol sky rocket. This is just like Atkins. What good is losing weight when you're clogging your arteries? Btw… just so you know.. a low fat high carb way of eating works just as well without clogging your arteries. The reason is simple. When you mix high carb with high fat you will gain weight no matter what. When you drastically lower one or the other (fat OR carbs) you will lose weight. You're damaging your body in your quest for weight loss and all those who will follow what you're doing.

  6. Try fasting for up to 48hrs in a row-2days-a week- every week. You'll feel like you're dying. Will require will power. If you can do it it will clear out your system not just physically but mentally also. Your senses will be sharper afterwards. Food will taste and smell so strong like you are eating familiar foods for the first time. Food is not eaten in the 1st world from necessity but as a drug. As compensation for what else we don't have or are missing in our lifes. Ever thought it strange there are SO many food stores everywhere? Well in cities anyway.

  7. If ya wanna lose weight STOP eating white flour STOP eating so much sugar and soda pop and TAKE lot's of under the tongue B-12 and get LOTS of protein! YAH HIGH FAT NOT SO BAD AS HIGH SUGAR AND/OR HIGH WHEAT OR WHITE FLOUR!

  8. you look good girl ? tjek out John A McDOUGALL : The Starch Solution. if you want to stay lean and healthy for the rest of your life. It changed my life and I can recommend it.

  9. Well, good luck.  I lost 10 pounds in less than 5 days with no carbs but of course, sooner or later I knew I'd have to have some spaghetti and garlic bread.  Can do without toast or sweet carbs.  But for me, it's just very, very hard to not have some pasta once in awhile.  You can fool with a "substitute," ha-ha, like that damn spaghetti squash or put spaghetti sauce on some veges, like that's gonna do it for ya.  Just is not the same, not as satisfying.  Was never a huge meat eater anyway, love veges.  Would rather fool with the Mediterranean diet if anything.  As Babu says below, life is short.  I'm 62.  I get tired of worrying so much about whether my ass is big or not.  My labs are always fine since I do coconut oil and olive oil sparingly.  Yep, I need to lose weight for sure.  I like to walk and do, though can't much right now since I take care of a mom with Alzheimer's in my home. When my time is mine again, will be walking like a maniac.  But dammit, I'm gonna eat my pasta when I want it.

  10. Can I give you a HUGE HUG? I have been watching your videos for years. As a guy I naturally fell in love with you. Being the intellectual type in was your brain that hooked me. After all isn't that we all fall for! I am going to change my bookmark to sexybrains! for your Chanel! You are the best! Babe!

  11. Same thing as Atkins. It works but it sucks. Nobody likes to eat that way. Who wants a steak without the baked potato? No pasta no bread… starches are staples.

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