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Hi Fat Kids,

In case this is the first time you are watching my video, let me introduce myself to you. I`m Reshma Badi, health and nutrition blogger. I`ve lost over 44 kgs and the journey is still on.

In this video I called upon Ranveer from BeerBIceps to talk about Keto diet which is considered to be the fastest weight loss diet, he has lot of keto recipes uploaded on his channel. Wait for the next part where in we talk about Do`s and Don`ts of keto diet if you are planning to follow it.

Have a healthy week.

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33 Replies to “All About Keto Diet / In Hindi/ BeerBiceps/How to Lose Weight Fast/ Indian Fitness Channel”

  1. Keto flu in not its downside, it's just initial symptom. Most striking downside is fatty liver, as here in keto diet liver has to metabolise heavy amount of fat so as to release ketone bodies as energy source. So in this case include green leafy vegetables as this will improve fatty liver condition. And once in a while do carb cycle

  2. Loved this vid! I had heard about this diet a few times but never paid it that much attention but I think it's really effective since one of my friends lost a lot of kgs in a few months. I think I'll start following this diet as well.

    Love your channel btw!

  3. Hope you guys go really forward…. we need people like you in India for a fit youth.. BTW I am 16 year old with cartilage tear in knee… unable to workout or do any form of cardio what should I do to keep my weight in check? need some tips please

  4. its sounds good….. i love to do it….
    bt i have only one question
    i hve very busy schedule
    i am living in germany now
    is this work even when i dont workout
    because i can do diet bt dont hve time for exercise so should i do it…. it will help without workout n just this diet help for loss weight then??

  5. I think It is basically a Bakwaas Diet..We should continue Normal Diet to loose weight..That would be a more save way than the so called Keto Diet..Though this diet would help u loosing weight quickly but it is not a permanent one in comparison to the normal diet..

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