This is an update to the first video I did after taking Keto OS for 9 days. Pruvit Testimonial is now day 64 of taking Keto OS.

I have lost 21.2 pounds of fat. I am not hungry. I have no cravings. I do not exercise much at all yet.

Still, I was able to lose 2.3 pounds a week on average for the last 64 days. I have only been taking a Keto OS drink twice a day and eating a Ketogenic Diet.

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I wanted to let everyone know and especially goes to follow me and no me exactly what I’m doing and what’s working for me and I just kind of give you an update.

Before I do let me throw out a disclaimer: I’m not a doctor I don’t play one on TV. What works for me may or may not work for you. Everybody’s different so before you do anything like starting any kind of diet plan or workout regimen go see your doctor and get their approval.

Anything I tell you or anything anybody tells you don’t take it at face value, go do your research, go study it, go figure it out for yourself and know that you believe in the information that you’re receiving.

That is what I did as soon as I started learning some of this stuff. I started researching YouTube videos, reading articles, going to studying different journals and really came to my own conclusions based on all of the day-to-day real science behind the whole concept of ketosis.

The good news is I’ve lost 21.2 pounds without exercising, without any kind of training program, without paying a membership or going to anybody special program.

Honestly, I am not buying a ton of the special supplemental either. I’m taking my Pruvit Ketones Keto//OS drink once or twice a day and I’m taking a couple of vitamins and that’s it.

I’m walking a little bit and that’s it. I’m not working out, I’m not going and killing it in the gym. I’m just really personally trying to keep this very simple and basically just kind of fix what’s going wrong with my body.

I’ve actually learned a lot in the last 63 days about what’s going on and why other diets, meal plans, exercise and all of that didn’t work for me. I’ll talk about that more here in a second.

Losing 21.2 pounds that is averaging about a third of a pound a day 2.3 pounds a week. I think that’s in pretty safe range. Our body needs time to put itself back together. If you have a rubber band and you think about some of these 21-day diets or 15-day diets or 10-day diets or whatever the big thing of the day is. What happens is you lose a lot of weight and the effect is like stretching a rubber band at some point in time your body is going to try to rectify that. It’s going to try to adjust. If you’re ship getting off course your body’s going to try to bring it back. It is like a rubber band you’re stretching, stretching, stretching then it snapbacks.

That’s why those crash diet plans and the crashed exercise programs work for a small amount of time and then eventually your body just rectifies itself. So I’m not a big fan. I’m also not a big fan of paying anybody a lot of money to yell and scream at me or to make me eat Protein bars (candy bars really without the good taste of candy) that taste like sawdust or any of that kind of stuff.
You’re going to hear from me a lot about eating natural food.

I really do believe that God made it and if man didn’t screw it up then it’s probably pretty healthy for us. Everything in moderation but I am definitely eating almost no sugars. Modern man has just totally destroyed sugar. Even straight cane sugar is not that great for you but again everything in moderation they say.

Right now I am trying to stay away from all sugar because I have learned I have a sugar issue. I have glucose issues so I am eating high fat, moderate protein, and low carb. The low carb is probably the biggest thing because just about everything out there that has been processed has carbs. If you buy something in a box or you buy fast food it’s going to have tons of carbs in it.

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7 Replies to “Anthony Flatt Pruvit Keto OS day 64 – What to expect when you’re wrestling Keto. Ketogenic diet”

  1. Update: It has been just over 4 months now and I have lost just under 40lbs. From 286.6 down to 247.4. Not without some so good days, bad days, awful days and great days. I have had a few weeks where I got off track and did not lose any weight but was able to get back on track and within a couple days I was loosing weight again.

  2. Congrats! I struggle with pre diabetes issues. If I don't eat I get scattered and confused. I ordered the keto os without caffeine. Do you know if there is any side effects with this product. I don't want to have seizures or anything like that. I have had adrenal and hypothalmus issues. Sometimes I feel great, other times it's hard to function, memory is bad, foggy etc. Should I be worried about anything with this product? I just want to feel steady.

  3. Way to go man! Yeah i'm on it 2! On your last post a person complained about the price, well being overweight has a heavy price too. Insurance, surgeries, sleep apnea, heart attacks, high blood pressure meds, depression meds,..and the list goes on,..I think the price is relative to the person, ..most people with a job can afford it easily, I think the price is worth it! I would be a suspiscious if they gave it away! I lost 15 pounds right away… I just have to eat Progresso soup or a sandwich at home five times a month instead of dining out, and it's paid for. It replaces my candida, probiotic products, as well as my preworkout/fatburner products, (MCT Oil,CLA, GLA, Cocconut oil, ephedra, etc, ) and it's not as expensive if your on smartship. I like the fact it works even when we don't work out! I buy two KANS a month for 266.00. that's no big deal, to me anyway. Loved your video! Keep the videos coming! Can't wait to see the after photos!

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