This video I give my opinion on what constitutes a healthy diet and lifestyle. I discuss things I do to moderate my personal health and also lay out things we all need to do as individuals to live a satisfying life. This is all opinion of course.


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  1. I was a super heavy consumer of artificial sweeteners for decades. A conservative estimate of my consumption would be at least 30,000 cans of diet pepsi. And even though at one point I lost 99 lbs and went from pretty darn fat to ultralean drinking Diet Pepsi all the way, I think that it worked against me. After I saw this HUGE research paper in "Nature" the world's top science journal, I had my last can. This is the reference: The thing that this paper proved was the alteration in gut bacterial species profile led to glucose intolerance in mice, and they proved casuality.

  2. I belive you are right about keto diet and occasional fasting having a protective effect against a degenerative deseases that come with ageing. I do the same and I think it is a lifelong sustainable if done correctly. So the trick is to find the best way for you to do it concerning a percentage of macros, type of foods, number of meals a day etc… So, we are all left to experiment with ourselves to find it. You are on a good way, keep up !

  3. I love Keto! i did keto for summer and fall of 2015 and felt amazing. During the winter i decided to experiment on myself and went back to eating processed food and grains. I felt moody, tired, and got tons of headaches craving sugar (which on keto i literally almost never get headaches.). Glad to say it is Spring time and I'm back to Keto hopefully for good! i strength train about 4 times a week and macros are 30% Protein, 15% Carb, 55% Fat along with daily 18 hour fast 6 hour eating window (post workout), and i do well on that.

  4. So having Indian in the wood pile, God bless you Grandma! my body just can't hack the high carb thing & Vegan is just out tried that shit & I wasn't going to be here much longer, that said, Scott your so dam right man!

  5. Some of my Ancestors were Black foot native Americans! The native Americans super market was delivered by mother earth! Her store provided lots of plants & animals to live off! my great grandmother lived to be 104!!! she was a strong old gall that was into meat & some veg, that's healthy!

  6. Hey scott i was looking at your older videos, and i saw a vid where you said fat loss leads to a bigger penis is that true or were you just joking ahahahah sorry for the weird question

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