I talk about the benefits of carb back loading vs the ketogenic diet. And which one has better results for a vast spectrum of people!

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  1. What if i said that i got big and ripped by accident? Like i always ate dinner at 10-11pm and everyone who i told that always wondered how i stayed ripped and got bigger because they assume eating at that time would put on fat or whatever that myth is people believe but basically they thought i was a freak, but i have always been used to eating around those hours my whole life so for me it was normal. So the further i got into nutrition i got curious and read into it and found out that because i usually eat a balanced dinner with high carbs at 10-11pm and go to bed at 12-1am that iv been delaying my GH release in my sleep cause the carbs i ate at night. So i get the GH release during the day which might explain why i don't put much fat on because i workout during the day. So i guess any eating pattern can work as long as you give your body time to adapt. 

    NOTE: About the keto, wouldn't you say that it's more of a cutting diet? Cause i hear a lot of bodybuilders say its not the best diet if your looking to pack on a lot of muscle but its great if your cutting down to get ripped. I just wanted to confirm with you since i thought about using Keto to bulk once but never truly committed to it.

  2. Hi there Stephanie, first you are amazing. I was just introduced to this format and i wanted to know what was your meal plan for your very first week of doing this. I am starting this weekend. You're an inspiration for many :)

  3. Keto was killing my gains. I developed muscle slower got exhausted so fast. I have keto to thank for weight loss while doing nothing. When I worked out I built muscle slowly when carbs got added dam did that change. I think I'll try carb backloading. I dont get it keto was going fine. I'm not a fan of keto but its great for quick weight loss. I hate all the fat that diet requires. Carbs make me fat but get me gains even while im sore and not working out holy shit do i gain firmness all over my sore muscles when i carb up. I dont get that with keto. I have been loading on sweetpitatoes but dnt blieve its fast enough so ill be trying dextrose and sugar type junk food stuff.

  4. I've heard some women do well on a permanent ketogenic diet but this is not the case for most men, especially body builders. I've heard about good vs poor diet having much to do with one's heritage and what and has much to do with one's DNA. Judging by this video this woman does great on a ketogenic diet. She looks healthy, is clearly energetic and believes in what she's preaching, all of which is a positive. As for me, I'm a bodybuilder and I'm large,like really large, like here comes Andre the fucking giant large. When I run carb deplete cycles it takes a good four days for all the glycogen to burn out of my muscles before I go flat and start with the cardio to lean out. I'll carb deplete for nine days and I re feed on brown rice and grape nuts for two days then do it again. It's not easy but man does it work. 

  5. Stephanie keeps mentioning that CBL is fasting all day and Carb back load in the evening
    But CBL is not fasting all day, as you can eat Keto food up to 3 hours before your workout.

  6. How would I go about bulking? I really want to lean bulk and I love this idea of living low carb but I'm still kinda confused about wat to do post workout and the type of weight training I should do to avoid becoming catabolic. I'm barely 17 and want to prime my body right.

  7. Here is the thing. for me If I go keto for a long time i get too skinny (male). My body just doesn't store visible fat anyways , never did and i have a problem injesting enough fats, cause I got no backups. So I have a clean energy, but I deplete my ressources. How can I be Keto and store enough fat to burn it later? I figured I need my carb refills, allthough I prefer my brain ketogenic. Any advice that helps me to stay ketogenic longer and build muscle btw?

  8.  I like your videos. but keifer is backed by alot of research. however he does say carb backloading is aimed towards bodybuilders and powerlifters. Endurance folks do better on high fat low carb. Also refined carbs produce a faster spike. Again, the diet  is for performance not neccecery health. again though. I am not hating, I am agreeing. I like your stuff

  9. hey grrrrllll…..u look amazing not bad for 26..hehee…but seriously u are not talking about carb backloading…please read his book..you are actually talking about IF..just saying..u look great…
    cheers from nyc

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