Today is the first video in my ketogenic diet recipes playlist. I bring you the all time Indian Chicken recipes classic -The Chicken Seekh Kabab.

Ingredients :-
1)Ginger-Garlic-Chilly Paste
2)Red Chilly powder
5)Garam Masala
6)Minced Chicken (kheema)
7)Egg Yolk

The seekh kabab is traditionally made with red meat, but its been adopted into Indian culture, and modified to suit the Indian palate. Chicken recipes Indian style don’t get much better than this. Chicken recipes Pakistani style are very similar, also (Just have more complex spices, flavours)

The chicken seekh kebab recipe is one of the best suited to the KETO diet, which includes super low carbs, super high fat and high protein. Doesn’t get much better than this. Even teh seekh kabab recipe sanjeev kapoor created would be proud of this recipe. Keto diet and keto recipes indian style have never been made easier. Keto diet India is going to be the new craze, i’m sure. This keto recipe tastes great and is super apt! Enjoy guys. I bring you the Indian recipe of Chicken Seekh Kabab.


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26 Replies to “Chicken Seekh Kabab – Keto Recipes Indian Style – BeerBiceps Chicken Recipe”

  1. So what are the serving amounts, weights and Macros? In the Keto Diet the breakdown is 75% Fat 20% Protien and 5% Carbs. Just need a breakdown. Looks absolutely amazing.

  2. oh my dear lord i have tried every recipe that is on your channel despite of following keto. i must tell you all of them is amazing and helps me to reach my protein goals without disturbing my tastebud. Thank you so much brother really appreciate your time and hard work….

  3. Is calorie deficit only way to lose fat??? very good video asual brother never stop making videos. I learnt so much from your videos and I wish you could upload everyday

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