Controlling Sugar, Beating Diabetes, & Losing Weight on a Keto Diet – Jason Fung

Jason Fung is a Nephrologist from Toronto and author of The Obesity Code, which currently has an average rating of 4.8 stars from 187 reviews on

In this interview, Jason talks mostly about the ways that our current understanding of obesity, diabetes, fasting, and blood sugar are all a hindrance to actually getting healthier.

##In this interview, Jason talks about:

Why the current way of treating diabetes and related diseases is like pumping gas into the back seat of your car.

Why you need to GET RID of the excess sugar in your body, not just in your blood. It’s all about TOTAL sugar, not just blood sugar.

How eating more times per day can actually cause weight gain and contribute to disease.

Why fasting is one of the best things to add to a keto diet.

When you SHOULDN’T fast.

Diabetes is not a one-way street. You can completely reverse and cure it.

A story about Gino, who was diabetic, was told to exercise and diet, but wasn’t making any progress. Jason tells how Gino started treating the underlying hormonal issues, and as a result, he dropped weight, improved insulin sensitivity, and his diabetes went away.

How most medication and treatment of diabetes simply forces more sugar into your overloaded cells.

Why exercise is generally such a failure for both weight loss and treating illness.

Most of us put energy into our bodies for 18 hours a day and expend it for just 6 hours a day.

Insulin resistance is not just about sugar or carbs. In fact, insulin resistance is driven by a lot more than carbs.

One thing that can significantly increase your insulin sensitivity.

Why eating too many calories is more of an effect than a cause.

The problem and fallacy with the show The Biggest Loser.

How and why one guy fasted several times for 30 days (and why he loves doing it).

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  1. I've had a series of 3 epidural steroids to treat a herniated disc. I am strongly believing it's turned me into a pre diabetic or diabetic response. Is this possible? I just feel my insulin levels are out of whack.

  2. You mean all this time since the discover of insulin it is the wrong treatment? I never heard of treating type 2 with insulin actually, I thought it was only for D1.

  3. So fast a bunch, and eat meat and fat when you're not fasting? As a means to good health? This sort of advice will kill you. Listen to Drs. McDougall, Esselstyn, Greger, Barnard, etc. Ignore this keto nonsense. You'll live a lot longer.

  4. Is fasting useful for Type 2 diabetic with normal or below normal body weight? My husband tend to have high morning fasting sugar despite normal 2 hr. pp sugar level.

  5. I lost 60 kilos twice. lost it once then put it all back on again over 4 years and lost it all again. Im not putting it on ever again, I thought I could never do it again and was so depressed but I did it and now I have to keep it off. 90 kilos now.

  6. I have been intermittent fasting cause I do not seem to digest well. I instantly have a flatter tummy and no uncomfortable bloat during the day. I fast 16 to 23 hrs a day… I have lots of muscle due to powerlifting style workouts. my workouts feel stronger without the bloat. I certainly have not lost muscle….good luck to all and your fitness journey. ..

  7. I have been intermittent fasting cause I do not seem to digest well. I instantly have a flatter tummy and no uncomfortable bloat during the day. I fast 16 to 23 hrs a day… I have lots of muscle due to powerlifting style workouts. my workouts feel stronger without the bloat. I certainly have not lost muscle….good luck to all and your fitness journey.

  8. Dr Jason i tried to fast and got really dizzy, threw up and my sugar went way too low. I had to run and get sugar into my body. I'm 279 lbs,34. how do you avoid it?

  9. Hello.
    I have viewed a lot of Dr. Fung's videos and am attempting to use his model to deal with my own insulin issues. I never have seen him speak about, even less refute, the argument against his low-carb high-fat model, and this concerns me. Dr. Greger, for one, made a dastardly attack on this type of diet, and it seems hard to refute. In brief it comes down to the problem that high-fat diets are linked clearly to CVA, strokes and heart attacks. This is a problem, obviously, since the point of the diet is to prevent this; yet, the lion's share of scientific studies over decades consistently finds this association. How is it Dr. Fung never addresses this, at least in any video I have seen, which is many? I know he cannot be unaware of this and that raises my suspicion that he knows it is a problem and he cannot answer it. I think intermittent fasting is good. I am not sure about the ketogenic diet or even the high-fat but not necessarily ketogenic diet. The science does seem to be strongly against this, so one cures his diabetes but ends up with a heart attack or stroke anyway due to the high fat?
    I don't mean to offend anyone; if someone can shed light on this, it would be appreciated.

  10. Perfectly explained in Layman's terms  DR Fung  ?  Most DR's toss out big words , you ask them to break it down , all you get is a blank stare . I believe it's because they don't want you to know the real answer .Because who in their right mind would take a med that's going to make their problem worse ?  Well of course the one's that don't know it will . Since I have improved my health going LCHF , before even taking any medication for an illness I research what food sources can help ….  We need to take control of out health because DR's aren't !! Great Info . BTW !!

  11. Dr Jason…I have begun the Ketogenic way on Oct 10/16 and have lost about 10 lbs…was wondering if there is a reason why this morning I tested 7.8 glucose, when I don't take sugar, keep very low in carbs. Before beginning this program I never was that high in numbers. Is there a reason why it tests higher when I'm on program? Thanks.

  12. What's your opinion between John rose and dr. Amen-ra programs ? Had anyone tried both raw and cooked with grains and no grains, high carbs or high fasts and can tell me which is best from experience ? 
    Currently I eat 70℅ cook vegetables boil for less than 2 minutes. I do Raw veggie and fruit shakes as about 35℅ of the 70. 15% fats and about 10% carbs including some fruit. I do however still eat meat though. Around 10% of my diet

  13. i have been on IF for the last month. not losing weight even though i have quite sugar ( except fruit).
    does it take time for the body to switch to fat burning or am i doing something wrong?

  14. Have tried what Dr Jason advises and the intermittent fasting works perfect for weight loss! When it comes to 3 meals a day, here is another good reason to stick to this both to avoid weight gain for those inclined, nut also to avoid IBS, often for others. When the small intestine is not "topped up" with snacks for 2-3 hours our bodies start a natural process of intestine cleansing: The small intestine makes a spasmodic contraction starting at the stomach end going downwards which slowly completely empties out everything that's in it into the colon! It means that bacteria that otherwise would have been lingering around munching on undigested food also is shuttled out to the colon, leaving the small intestine clean to the next meal. The function has a technical name even, "migrating motor complex " ! No more snacks for me !

  15. I am new to fasting. I have only made it 4 days so far on water and 1 coffee a day. I can not believe it but I haven't lost any weight yet. What is bothering me is I can't sleep since fasting has anyone else experienced this?

  16. I am Jason fan I started intermittent fasting because of him about 2 years ago. I am type 2 diabetic going to see my diabetes doctor tomorrow and he has been hounding me about my weight. I added the keto diet with my 20 hours fasting last time my doctor saw me I was wearing a size 22 now I'm wearing a 14 . I fast every day and work out daily thanks again Jason for all you do

  17. I fasted for 48 hours (water only) and my blood sugar got to 140mg/dl from 280mg/dl. I intend to do it again but I wonder if my blood sugar would eventually get to say 90 if I continued the fast for 72 hours. I am a type 2 diabetic and 52 years old.

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